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3373 - 2006-07 RAW Is Bore

So here's an interesting little thing; for a certain period of time, I actually did do little write-ups on episodes of RAW back on the old Blog. Most of these postings are just quick little blurbs, but there are some sizable postings (not THAT sizable). Therefore, for the sacred of historical archival purposes, I present five or six different "RAW Bytes" that were written in 2006 and gave my impressions of each episode.

Spoiler: Not favorably.

May 8th, 2006 episode

So yeah... I'm watching RAW right now and... good god, this show sucks.

Let's have the so-called hardcore match that was heavily hyped feature 80% promo and 20% lame beatdown. BRILLIANT IDEA!

Let's have Foley turning heel by having him and Edge beat on Tommy Dreamer, a guy who, other than a PPV last year, hasn't wrestled a full-time schedule since 2002. BRILLIANT IDEA!

Let's have a 5-on-2 handicap main event match with absolutely nothing happening. BRILLIANT IDEA!

On top of that, let's NOT mention Joey Styles, who gave such a great promo last week that for one brief second, I almost thought I was watching another wrestling program instead of the usual sports-entertainment drivel that I've being widely ignoring. BRILLIANT IDEA!

I mean, come on, guys. You're not even applying the usual half-assed effort here. And bringing back Jim Ross isn't doing much for me. There is nothing remotely appealing or good about tonight's broadcast and that's sad because of the hype jobs you've been doing for a couple matches that could have been great masterpieces but ended up being lame TV matches nobody gives a shit about.

Not exactly an encouraging notion for me to watch the shows now that I'm home in the evenings.

On the bright side, I got some story done and slipped in a movie review. All of these items will see the light of day soon enough. But for now, I'm calling it a night because I'm tired and have to go to work [study].

Now there's a BRILLIANT IDEA right there! Better get to it so the ratings might go up.


September 12, 2006 episode

Having been bored with what has happened on RAW (not to mention it was past my bedtime), I left the show to tape overnight and had just finished watching the rest of it. Final thoughts is that for a show building towards a PPV, it was rather lackluster and from a purely entertainment standpoint, I maintain my earlier "dry paint" statement. Ironic that they'd use that as a joke when it says so much about the show right now. But like I said, the PPV is shaping up to be a fairly decent card.

High Points: A bunch of Scots slapping the crap out of each other never seems to get old. Also, Jeff Hardy, no longer content with covering himself with paint, now has to cover other people with paint. Still doesn't make it any more fun but it's cute. Only decent match was the Trish/Mickie match...

Low Points: The main event sucked. Let's not kid ourselves here: there's nothing historical about McMahon wrestling in MSG since it's not THAT big a deal. Certainly, Hunter tried to get something watchable out of Vince, but it ain't happening.

Other than that, not much happened on the show that stood out. There were a couple decent matches buried within a couple crappy matches, but nothing that stands and says memorable. So if you missed the show, you didn't miss much.

May 21, 2007 episode

Seems to me that I'm doing these RAW bites on a regular basis, so I've decided to make it a regular topic called RAW Bytes. I'll hunt down the older entries and add them to the list. Anyway, let's get to the show.

Why am I watching a music video on a wrestling show? Outside of showing the Most Worthless Women On Television, what contribution is made to the show in general? What is the point of this stupid music video anyway? Why should I give a shit about some rapper, even if he is a recognizable name?

I mean, what's with this obsession of getting rappers into wrestling? Most often, they contribute nothing but low ratings and forgettable music. Also, their videos suck balls most of the time. So what?

Outside of that, it's not a truly offensive show from what I've seen. The Cena/Khali segment is fairly dull but too short to be truly hideous. The Lashley matches are short and sweet too. It's a fairly average show with no outstandingly good stuff, but it's miles better than last week's pile of crap RAW show.

Good enough for me.

June 4th, 2007 episode

Didn't catch the One Night Stand show... from most peoples' reaction and the results of that show, it's probably a good thing, but let's forget that and talk some RAW.

Yesterday was an utterly pointless show. I mean, it wasn't a really "bad" show or anything. It was just pointless. I don't get the idea behind it.  Let's see some highlights:

- Cade and Murdoch beat the Hardys with a swerve tactic to win the tag belts. It wasn't a great match by any stretch, but why wasn't this on a PPV when it could have meant more?

- Next week is going to be a draft. That show is going to be three hours long, so you know it must be something that it'll really shake things up... not really. The last time we had a draft; Kurt Angle left for TNA while RVD was busted for smoking pot.

- Randy Orton continues his killing spree of giving "legends" concussions. Well... it's a step up from his RESTHOLD thing he likes to do often.

That's about it. You noticed I didn't mention John Worthless. Well, I did say highlights, didn't I?


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