Wednesday, March 14, 2018

3358 - Loosening Up The Schedule

Another change of plans, but this is a good thing.

So I've got 30 videos to get rendered and try to release in time to land Review #600 on April 8th, which coincides with Review A Great Game Day and the plan, obviously, is to review a great game for that landmark review. Things have been hectic to the point where it's been overwhelming.

However, after a particularly nasty snowstorm hit and I spent an hour or so shoveling snow out of the way, I was hit with a realization; what the fuck am I doing bum rushing all these videos within a short amount of time?

Here's the dream scenario: I throw out 30 videos in March, then I throw out another 30-ish videos in June as part of the 100-Post Challenge, and then on top of that, there's ANOTHER set of daily videos in October. And I'm thinking... what the hell, man? Slow down before you suffer a panic attack or something.

So that's what I'm doing.

Rather than bumrush everything and have the quality suffer, I'm going to keep it lowkey and slow. Two videos a week... maybe three if I'm feeling a bit good... and then save the "bulk" uploads for the scheduled times. Clearly, it's the better way to go about it rather than just "Boom. Boom. BOMB!"

That and it's a bit easier for me to sit back and gather my thoughts because as of late, so much shit is going on on my personal end that it's starting to drive me nuts.

Anyway, that's where we're headed. Slow and steady... and while videos take a bit longer, I'm prepping and scheduling the text based stuff for the next couple months and all this stuff is good and ready to go. The text stuff is easier to assemble and simply becomes a matter of giving it the occasional check for any last minute changes and then I can forget about it.

This decompressed, slower approach also means I can start thinking about other regular features to fill the week, which may slowly but surely bring back daily posts.

So... yeah. That's the thing, now. Will catch you all later.

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