Friday, March 9, 2018

3351 - Starting This Wednesday: Classic Wrestling PPV Musings

So in a vein attempt to start producing a schedule of sorts, I'll be introducing weekly features to the blog on a regular basis. I'm not talking about video posts because right now the plan is to try and bang out videos on a regular semi-daily basis so that #600 gets posted on April 8th. That's still going, even if everything else isn't.

So starting this Wednesday, I'll be posting musings on some older wrestling PPVs from ages ago. The first order of business is to re-watch some old WWE PPVs from 2002-2003 so that I can replace the old posts on the "Wrestling Stuff" page with new, fresh posts that are more in line with the recent format of general ramblings. At certain points, we'll stray off that path and go wherever I feel like going. So we'll wing it for a bit.

As far as current WWE PPVs are concerned, I might have a musings on Fastlane next week and unquestionably, there will be a Ramblemania for the 34th iteration of the Showcase Of The Immortals. Beyond that, however, I'm questioning whether I'd really want to set aside four hours a month to watch a longer version of a series of PPV that's been pretty weak sauce thus far. Hence, part of the reason why I'm going the Classic PPV route... even if the first batch of PPVs aren't necessarily classic.

And just to disarm any notion of ass-talking here, the first post this coming Wednesday is ready to go and will cover WWE Vengeance 2002. Actually, on this front, I've got several of these ready to go and they'll be published on the day. So we're okay on that front for the next couple months.

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