Sunday, January 14, 2018

3319 - General Updates And Stuff

So a bit of a progress report regarding replacing videos and stuff...

- All 2017 video reviews now feature the Dailymotion embeds to replace the old Vidme ones. On top of that, the Mickey's Ultimate Challenge review is a clean upload with no flickering issues that plagued the Youtube versions. Eventually, the plan will be to take down the old Dailymotion uploads of the old 2013-2016 reviews and replace them with new edits to include the new intros and stuff.

- All sixteen "episodes" of the DTM Rambles playlist has been uploaded over to Dailymotion and are now embedded into the old posts. All videos now have a similarly-styled thumbnail as well as opening title cards (same font, original air date in older entries). Some videos have even been expanded from their originally rendered 4:3 format to 720P, so some live shots look "less" squishy as it were.

Right now, there's a bunch of videos that need to be replaced over at the Review Archive, but that's for a later time.

As far as blog business goes, I've made the conscious decision to push back all the planned updates by a week, which means the planned Royal Ramble posts slated for this week (Jan 15 to 19) will be pushed back to next week (and thus nicely leading up to this year's Rumble, which was a nice happy accident) while the Mega Man reviews will be pushed up to the following week.

The latter reviews is the primary reason for the pushback, as I've been listening and checking out some of the stuff I have so far and wasn't thrilled with it, so I want to spend a bit more time polishing these things before putting them out there. These are rather big reviews and I want them to have "some" semblance of quality tacked on, even if it isn't immediately apparent. Once those are done, expect some smaller. lightweight reviews to follow before the "next" big event.

In fact, the only other "big" reviews you expect are the GBA Castlevania games when those roll around in October (at which point, hopefully by then, that Bloodstained game will be out and I'll have given that a play or two.)

Anyway, that's the scoop on the blog for now.


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