Monday, November 13, 2017

3276 - An Eventual VLOG Will Be Up Soon

General updates and all that... if I can get it to work, it'll be a Dailymotion video that addresses everything. Otherwise, possibly Vidme... but definitely not Youtube.

In the meantime, tomorrow should see another review up on Vidme and Youtube... and Friday might see a Justice League game review up of some type. Apparently, there's a movie coming out this week that times nicely with said review, so have fun, I guess.

Also, the Power Rangers Retrospective Redux run will be on ice for a short bit. The last couple weeks were a trial run more or less and I want to hold off posting more until I'm happy with the rest of the bunch and I can confidently pushes these out on a regular basis. Again, more details to come on that regard somewhere down the line.

Also, on a side note, for those who frequent the Vidme channel (and why the hell not?) I'm in the process of uploading a batch of last year's reviews to "air" on days when new videos aren't expected to be up (basically any day but Tuesday and Friday on a good week). There might be a couple "bulk" upload days at certain points, but aside from that, yep...

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