Sunday, July 2, 2017

3210 - Change Of Plans

Oh look, another change of plans. What a shock.

So I've been re-evalutating the site progress going forward and decided to make a few changes in regards to planning ahead.

As of today, Daily Posts on the blog will come to an end... or rather, it's on hiatus until at least September. While there will still be posts along the way, it simply won't be as plentiful as it was before. For the moment, it will mostly be Youtube stuff and the occasional text blurb. However, once September rolls around, we'll go back to doing Daily Posts and hopefully, it'll be done with a much more "structured" format and less "meme" gimmick posts.

Episode 75 of the DTM-Cast was supposed to be up today, but I've decided to hold off until late-July/early-August. Given how much stuff I've got to put together both in terms of video content and written word, I'd much rather focus on that as well as getting a good night's sleep and, well, enjoying the nice weather we're having out there right now.

Let's clear something up here; videos on Youtube will continue their weekly uptake (once or twice a week), there might be the occasional stream on Twitch, and there may even be the occasional post... but not much more than that for the next couple months. There will still be stuff, just less stuff.

So that's the plan. Enjoy your summer, everyone.

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