Saturday, June 10, 2017

3180 - Next Week's Schedule Of Material

Something to keep in mind for...

Sunday, June 11
New episode of the DTM-Cast, talking about computer woes, Mega Man on Nintendo woes, Clean Sony movie woes, and Joe woes. Woe.

Monday, June 12
Archived version of DTM House Show from June 9, 2017 to be uploaded to Vid.Me. This show featured gameplay from a Castlevania ROM Hack that I'm presently working on.

Tuesday, June 13
DTM Rambles Episode 12, chronicling the PC pick up woes.

Wednesday, June 14
A Slideshow Movie review of Avengers Grimm on Dailymotion

Thursday, June 15
Possibly another Flash Fiction upload

Friday, June 16
A video review of Super Tetris 3 for Super Famicom

Saturday, June 17
WWE 2K17 Match: ????

Should be a fun week.

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