Thursday, June 1, 2017

3169 - June Plan Of Attack

A block of text is what to expect for this month... or something.

So here's the deal. July is the intended "month off" as it were as far as maintaining some semblance of a "daily" uptake. There might be "some" bits here and there, but for the most part, it's radio silence for the month of July. Things will resume in August in some form or fashion, but maintaining the daily uptake.

Right now, things are a little on the light side and that's because I'm trying to get a backlog of material ready for the latter stretch. This will ensure that there's content to be had when needed and also give me a bit of breathing room down the line... which is something I really need because there's stuff that will need my attention. Plans forthcoming regarding the "return" when there are plans to be had other than "things return to normal in August."

For now, however, some quick notes...

Right now, the only planned articles are of the wrestling variety. Mostly covering the two or three WWE event PPVs that will take place this month if they fall within the last stretch of postings. There's a astronomically slim possibility that there might be a write-up on Slammiversary, but that's entirely dependent on whether I know anyone willing to buy the PPV, as the WWE Network, Youtube, and other things are more than enough for some folks. So... we'll see.

For the Youtube side of things, tomorrow will see another video review and possibly a Pick-Up video either Saturday or Sunday. June will see a whole bunch of reviews coming along the way that will end this "season" as it were with the 550th game review that will cover a Sega CD game with Full Motion Video. Won't that be fun.

Also, there will also be a couple DTM Ramble videos posted along the way, including a one year later lookback at the failed Mighty No. 9 debacle. (Nothing new to add here since there is almost literally nothing new to add here.) As for the planned review of the game? Right now, I'm eyeing Christmas at the latest, but you know, things can happen in that span of time, so fingers crossed. The Ramble video should partly touch on why that review is taking longer than necessary and... well, I probably said too much already.

For the Dailymotion side of things... yeah, it's been slim pickings as of late. Circumstances beyond my control have prompted me to delayed the latest batch of Slideshow Movie Reviews (which would've covered the DC Movies of late and given what happened in the Snyder family, would've been poor timing). However, two of those reviews from that batch (covering two other movies outside that purview) might see the light of the day in the coming month... most likely during the weekends.

As far as Vid.Me goes... well, the string of reposts continue as I try to repackage and repurpose some of my old reviews and turn them into "fresh" content for that channel. The upload limit has been graciously increased (but not removed due to my not being verified) so I could probably get some of the bigger stuff up sooner and schedule them for public consumption along the way. In terms of content, the re-ups on Vid.Me are probably the only thing that will see regular updates in July and I might even expand that to seven days a week as opposed to the Monday to Friday set-up we have going on now. Again, we'll see.

As far as the DTM-Cast is concerned... there's an episode on June 11th that's going to be fairly low-key and then on July 2nd, will be the final episode before going on extended break until Labor Day in September.

So that's the June plan of attack... hopefully it sticks, but I think we have nothing to worry about...

Oh wait... never mind.


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