Monday, March 20, 2017

3108 - Slight Tweak To The Schedule

Good news, everybody. There are videos this week!

Bad news, everybody. They won't follow the typical schedule.

Maybe I should explain that.

Typically, Youtube videos are uploaded (almost) every Tuesday and Friday, while there is a Dailymotion video uploaded every Wednesday. Well, this week, we'll be playing things a bit different.

Because of the soon-to-be-released Power Rangers film this week as well as circumstances diverting my focus on other things, I've decided to shuffle the video uploads for this week. Originally, I was suppose to have the MMPR: The Movie Slideshow Movie Review video last week and the Turbo movie video up this week. That obviously didn't happen, but since both videos are in the can, I decided to upload the Mighty Morphin video tomorrow and the Turbo video on Wednesday.

The originally scheduled Youtube video for tomorrow will be uploaded on Thursday while Friday will get its usual Youtube offering.

As for a review or posting on the new film... don't know when that's up in the air. Like I alluded to in the past, I don't plan on seeing it opening weekend, but if I do get around to it, I'll be sure to lay down thoughts on the film here on the blog for those who care. I'd imagine two people at most and I'm NOT one of them.

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