Sunday, February 12, 2017

3059 - Some Quickie Updates

This seemed appropriate.
(PGSM 2003 Series - Act 1)

A few quick updates of sorts;

- Only one review on the Youtubez for this week and that hits Friday. For Tuesday, you're getting a DTM Ramble video on a video. I'm hoping for an opportunity to do more of these videos.

- This Wednesday, Dailymotion viewers will be getting a Slideshow Movie Review... on what, I don't know? But it'll probably be one of those "text-to-video" reviews.

- On the Vid.Me front, I've been uploading Mega Man reviews from 2014 (the NES sequels). Those will be up bit by bit and should be done by Friday. To quell any potential inquiries, I will cover the remain "main" sequels on other consoles at a later time. That time has been mapped out, actually. More to come on that front.

- Some sporadic text postings, including a couple Flash Fiction entries, the eventual Elimination Chamber musings, and a couple other minor bits. Also got something special planned for the eventual 3100th post should we get there. (A text post, but a return of a long dormant feature.)

That's it for now.

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