Monday, January 23, 2017

3037 - So I Have A Vid.Me Thing...

So I decided to give the new Vid.Me thing a shot and started a channel under the dtm666 username, though it'll appear as DTM Rambles when you reach the actual page. There's a good chance that this whole venture could be a possible bust like the Zippcast thing, but you know what? Let's give this thing a shot; it actually looks promising. (Though if there is one nitpick to be had, it's that you can't create playlists... yet.)

Despite the addition of a "new" video channel that isn't actually new since it's been a couple weeks, this isn't going to affect the overall schedule; no weekly Vid.Me stuff or anything of the sort. Right now, the deal is to do upload some older videos with minor edits (or in some cases, experimental re-dubs), but somewhere down the road, there might be the exclusive video here or there. One of them might be an update to an older video comparison... but that's jumping too far ahead now.

I've added the link to the sidebar of "stuff" so you can click on that. Or you can reach that here if you like.

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