Sunday, January 22, 2017

3036 - Welp... We're Back... A Rambler's Story... Or Something

After a three week long hiatus, DTM Rambles... again.

Not only are we back, but the daily set-up thing that fumbled and mumbled is.

The current daily set-up is almost similar to the last time we did it, but with some minute changes.

Youtube videos will, as always, upload almost every Tuesday and Friday, barring sudden real-life commitments and health related things. Sometimes, there'll be the occasional break from the routine that includes a week's worth of videos, but for the most part, it'll be two videos a week. First Youtube video from hiatus will be uploaded on Friday, as I've got something else planned for Tuesday and saves me the trouble of filling a spot. Please note that this applies to the DTM Rambles main channel and not the alternative DTM Archives page, which still maintains a somewhat loose schedule.

Dailymotion videos will upload every Wednesday for the first couple months before downgrading to every-other-Wednesday. First video will be an update video, but the following week will be the first part of an overview featuring... something. That is all I will say.

Written posts will occur on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The contents will be somewhat random, though there will be month-long periods where "themed" content will occur on a weekly basis, such as the Weakly Wrestling Musings on Thursdays.

Sunday will be wild card posts. Either a video or a written post or a random bit in general. Sundays is where you'll be seeing the DTM-Cast audio project uploaded on a tri-weekly basis come February.

So... let's try this again. Once more... with feeling.

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