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3011 - Abandoned Castlevania II Fic (Part 4 - Last One)

This is it. The last full chapter of my CV2 sequel-fic before it was eventually abandoned.

Disclaimer: The author acknowledges that Castlevania and all related characters is a trademark of Konami and not of the author.


After hours of trending through the dark forest that had surrounded the castle ruins and after crossing the long bridge, Simon Belmont had reached what had once been the front doors; now nothing more than a pile of rubble and ash. He looked down at the very spot where he had burned the Count in his coffin over a year ago when he lifted the curse that was placed upon himself and the land. He remembered the spot because it remained burned in the back of his mind as the moment when he thought his journey had come to an end and that he would never again have to return to this dreadful place. Unfortunately, fate would play a different hand.

Shaking aside thoughts of the past, Simon proceeded forward and through the doors he walked, where he saw the familiar castle halls. As before, the halls were a wreck with columns tipped over and sunlight leaking from the ceiling cracks. A year later, not much has improved, as some of the windows were missing and there were even large sections of the wall missing. One significant improvement was that a passageway had been newly built and Simon knew fully well where it led… to the tomb of Dracula himself.

But the Count is long dead. Simon saw to it himself… twice. It would seem foolish to try and resurrect him for the third time in such a short span, as he remembered his last encounter to have been quick. In spite of this, if this is truly the work of the Dark Prince, Simon knew the fight would be even easier.  Casting aside all doubt, Simon stepped into the darkened passage. As he made his way down the steps, the torches alongside the walls began to burst into flames, illuminating the path before him.

When he entered the tomb, he noticed several differences. First off, there was no coffin... understandable since he burnt Dracula's body and coffin and no doubt they would be hidden elsewhere in the castle. However, the chamber was fairly well lit and seemed to be in pristine order. Simon found this odd, for even when Castlevania was still standing, it never looked as good as this room did. Either the added lighting and lack of dark power had brought some form to the tomb or someone had taken the effort to reconstruct the room... either way, Simon didn't know why.

In place of where Dracula's coffin and dead body would be, Simon saw the flail body of the Reaper, the personification of Death, lying on the ground breathing heavily. This was a surprise to Simon somewhat, as the Reaper was one of Dracula's closest confidants and the most powerful of his minions. However, the Reaper was not in prime shape when Simon had fought him a second time last year and now he looked to be far worse off. His robes were tattered and stained beyond recognition. His sickle weapon, a deadly weapon at any other time, was broken in four pieces. Most shocking of all was the hard breathing of the Reaper, something you didn't really associate with such a powerful being.

Simon hesitated approaching the fallen Reaper; this could be a trap and Simon didn't want to spring the trap just yet. Little did he know he already had, as the door behind him mysteriously shut itself closed and locked. He tried to wedge the door open, but to no avail. So now Simon was stuck in the tomb of Dracula with a fallen Reaper, but he wouldn't be alone for long. For not long after, five skeletal warriors armed with bone-assembled whips landed before Simon and surrounded the Reaper. Simon pulled his own whip and eyed each of the skeletons. It didn't take long for one of the skeletons to attack, but the whip flowed so amateurishly and without much practice that Simon quickly sidestepped the attack, watching as the tip of the boney weapon smashing against another skeleton's skull. With an open shot, Simon snapped the weapon and defeated the first skeleton.

Three skeletal warriors remained and predictably charged at Simon. Simon managed to leap over the three warriors and while airborne, pull out a flask of holy water and toss it at his aggressors. As soon as the liquid made contact with the three skeletal warriors, they immediately burst into flames and sent back to whatever foul place they came from.

With the five skeletons quickly dispatched, Simon turned his attention to the fallen Reaper. Before he could take a step closer, several fireballs shot from the ceiling and struck the Reaper all over, causing him to erupt into flames that sent Simon back against the wall. When the smoke cleared, the Reaper was gone and in his  place was a shadowed creature with no notable details other than he had a head, two arms, two legs, held jagged daggers in both hands, and was completely black. Despite the lack of any visible eyes, Simon could feel the cold stare of the creature, who held his daggers up high.

Within seconds, the creature tossed both his daggers at Simon, who quickly dodged them as they flew over his head. The creature then ran at Simon and kicked him in the lower abdomen, sending Simon reeling against a wall. Simon's whip lashed out against the creature, who caught it effortlessly, tugged it out of the vampire hunter's hand, and tossed it aside to the shock of Simon. No one ever disarmed him before.

The creature launched itself into the air and extended his fist forward, but missed a crouching Simon and ended up punching through the door, shattering it on impact. Simon rolled towards his whip and picked it up, then snapped it towards the creature. This time, the end of the chain whip cracked the side of the creature's head, black liquid bursting out of the point of impact. When the liquid puddle met with small droplets of holy water that had remained from earlier, a small explosion sparked, startling the creature. The moment was all Simon needed and he tossed another flask at the creature, resulting in its instant immolation and death.

Simon leaned against a fallen chunk of debris and looked around the tomb before moving towards the spot where the Reaper had been. He knelt down to study the spot a little more, particularly the ashes that remained when the Reaper had been disposed off. Taking a sample of the ash mound, Simon took a quick sniff and tossed it back. It was an odorless ash... lacking the stench of Death that the remains of most living creatures (or even the undead) often produced.

With nothing of importance in the tomb of Dracula (much to Simon's dismay), Simon climbed the stairway back to what remained of the main hall. Just as he was about to leave in disgruntlement, he noticed a perculiar flight of stairs heading upwards... something that hadn't been there before. Simon's eyes followed the stairs to see where they lead, but his eyes almost widened when the stairs seemed to connect to the castle keep itself... the only other part of the castle somehow still standing.

Could mean nothing, he thought, or could be where my wife is.

With no other option available, Simon began the long trek up the stairs in hopes of meeting with the one responsible for all the anguish Simon had to put up with as of late. It seemed simple enough to climb one flight of stairs, but it soon became apparent to Simon, after climbing stairs for a half hour straight, that this flight of stairs was anything but simple. Adding to the fact that he should have been at the keep in less time than that, Simon quickly assumed foul play at work. Despite this, he saw no other alternative but to continue up the stairs... since the stairs behind him seemed to have disappeared and jumping off the stairs would most likely lead to a long, suicidal fall.

After an endless hour of climbing stairs, Simon had finally reached the castle keep. By this point, however, Simon was exhausted. The high altitude and constant climbing had drained him heavily despite his physical excellence. All it took was one sip from a stored potion to return Simon to fighting strength.

Once fully recovered, Simon walked around the castle keep and began his search. The keep was crudely constructed; there was no roof, and the only rooms fully completed were Dracula's old chamber and a smaller room which resembled a prison. Simon's heart sank when he found no one occupying the keep. It wasn't long before he noticed a faint glow from the smaller room and decided to enter it.

Inside the room was a small, but glowing portal. Simon had known about these mystical doorways, but had never seen one before. It seemed that whoever his enemy is this time wanted him to enter the portal, but Simon was hesitant to step through. Before he could continue his thought, he felt the entire keep shake and fell onto the ground. As he struggled to get to his feet, the rumbling had gotten louder and the keep began to buckle harder. Simon soon made a leap of faith...

Five seconds later, the castle keep exploded...



After-story Notes: Now, getting the obvious question out of the way, Simon does indeed survive the exploding castle by jumping into the portal. However, where the portal would lead him to would be a different story... that will unfortunately never be told.

So this concludes the few parts I have to this unfinished Castlevania II fic. I may dig up more unfinished works to add to the archive if I can find them.

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