Saturday, October 8, 2016

2980 - Quick Programming Note (DTM-Cast, Dailymotion, Whatnot)

A couple quick updates regarding content:

This weekend's scheduled DTM-Cast will be posted on Monday as opposed to Sunday. One because it's Thanksgiving (in Canada, at least) and also because it allows to do some final prep on the main piece of the episode. I'll save the details for the episode itself, but it involves a subject matter that was going to be a subject for a DTM Rambles video, but probably serves better as a DTM-Cast audio file.

Dailymotion Uploads
Dailymotion offerings will resume in mid-November. Just at the moment, I need time to start getting other shit in order before I can start going along and it's entirely possible there might be another "hiatus" of sorts. Rest assured, come early-2017, there will be a regular, uninterrupted stream of content for the DM side of things.

As you no doubt surmised, reviews have been dwindling as of late. As much as I want to blame this on lack of interest, the simple truth of the matter is the lack of time required to formulate coherent thoughts onto paper so that they can be read into an audio file and then accompanied with random moving images. The two-video-a-week thing might also have something to do with. Therefore, it's entirely possible that this year might see a reduction in total reviews over last year. Probably for the best, I suppose.

When things slow down on my end, content will be a little more refined and quality based... as much as quality means here, I suppose.

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