Thursday, September 15, 2016

2954 - Heads Up Regarding This Sunday's DTM-Cast... And The Next

This past week and the next week has been pretty busy as far as life goes, so I'm sorry to say that this Sunday's episode of the DTM-Cast will be another lightweight episode. Most of it is already in the can and will be ready for upload this weekend so that people can listen. It'll touch on Backlash, CM Punk, and Mega Man X3. The running time will barely scratch 20 minutes.

Three weeks later will be the next episode and I'm planning something special for that particular offering. Something that might be turned into a video at some point, but also something that mainly will be featured and expanded upon on this episode. And it broaches a particular topic that I've been really thinking about for a good while now and only now had the time to really broach it. But I'll talk more about that on that episode.

So... this episode, potentially skippable. Next episode, possibly worth downloading.

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