Monday, September 5, 2016

2942 - Because necrophilia just wasn't low enough... (Classic 2006 DTM Blog Post)

From the old DTM Blog written on February 9, 2006, during the midsts of that whole awful period where WWE was profiting off Eddie Guererro's real-life death in November 2005 and this was a response to a comment that struck a nerve with a lot of people.

Yeah, it's been a week but last week's headache was painful and took a while to go away. Now I'm back to my regularly depressive self instead of sick. Probably just as well, because I probably would have written something a little more intense than what's here.

So I've been watching last week's WWE Smackdown episode (which I regularly tape for my cousin, who doesn't have The Score or UPN networks) and once again bore witness to yet another mindfuck of stupidity from the WWE braintrust... something about Eddie being in hell or something. Now I don't know about you, but I sort of expected this kind of behavior... not like I'm some kind of expert or anything. No doubt people watching the incident are appalled that they would stoop to such a low level.

You know what? I'm not upset... I'm not upset that they went that direction because I would have been surprised if they hadn't dragged Eddie's name to the mud further than they already have. So no, this doesn't particularly upset me. What does upset me is the knowledge that all of these tasteless gimmicks and creative brainfarts are doing nothing but cheapening a very real, very tragic death of a man well-respected and well-liked by many of his peers and fans. It's one thing to exploit a death of a fictional character and call it entertainment. It's another to exploit the death of a real person and drag his name into the mud for the purpose of getting the big rating.

Randy Orton is currently a generic heel whose value has been crippled thanks to one-sided feuds with Triple H and Undertaker over the past couple years. It's almost a shame that, to make him more hated, he'd have to resort to defaming Eddie. That sort of shows how great a heel he is... as in not great at all. It all shows a quick effortless shortcut to getting cheap heat. Given a good storyline and good matches that play on his strengths, Randy may very well build a legacy of his own and be one of the greats. As of now, he's just a guy who's getting cheap heat bashing a respected wrestler who passed on for real.

Just to steer aside for a moment... Another thing that seems to be raising havoc are the Tim White skits featured on For those who haven't witnessed these yet, these are short, five-minute clips featuring former referee Tim White attempting to commit suicide and failing. The clips are supposed to be funny, but in reality they're too stupid to be funny... try asking someone who has had loved ones commit suicide if those skits are funny. These morbid exercises in line-hopping and dumb skits are part of the reason why I don't watch as much modern-day wrestling as I used to... or much TV for that matter, but I digress.

Now according to spoilers, Randy's degredation of Eddie's good name continues. I'll probably post follow-up comments tomorrow or something when the show airs later tonight.

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