Sunday, August 7, 2016

2907 - Quick Note

Not even a week in... and it's already a lost cause. Though, this time around, it's not my fault.

Something has come up that requires most of my time and that will undoubtedly impede my ability to produce content.

Tomorrow is the "special" YouTube upload to celebrate Review A Bad Game day, a function from the now-defunct One More Castle website that I plan on continuing in some form or another. The idea was to do that AND upload the normal text piece, but that's clearly not happening at the moment. So Tuesday will get the "Flash Fiction" posting.

Wednesday will feature a Wrestling PPV Musing from a year ago that I never got around to posting for some reason.

Thursday will see a Game Review for the Dailymotion channel.

Friday will see a Youtube video.

And Saturday will be some written post of some kind.

That's the heads up, folks. Just thought I'd let you know. Later.

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