Saturday, December 26, 2015

2744 - Merry Christmas... Prepare For Pain... Or Not

Before anyone asks, yes, the DSP Mega Man 4 commentary was indeed taken down. Yes, there was a bit of bickering that I saved for posterity's sake. Yes, the video had two dislikes. Yes, when the re-up happens, it'll feature some changed bits along with a new beginning and end... and yes, I still plan on doing the remaining two DSP NES Mega Man playthroughs and those will be up sometime next year.

But no, I didn't post the damn things on Christmas to "troll" despite the accusations of a dumbass. I didn't post the damn things to "instigate" negative reactions or anything like that; that's the unfortunate byproduct that is bound to happen when touching on a popular subject matter for better or worse. And no, I didn't post the damn things because I have a deep, seething hatred for Phil; if I did, why waste time doing videos that gives him more exposure? Trust me; if I hated something with a passion, the last thing I would want more than anything would be to give it more attention.

Too bad some people won't see that. Oh well, at least Christmas with the family turned out nice. And that's what's important, right?

Have a good one, folks. Collection Video up in a quick second.

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