Friday, December 11, 2015

2730 - Updates and FutureStuff

So here's a breakdown of what's going on in the next couple weeks regard various projects.

YouTube Pages
On the DTM's Realm Of Stuff page, expect a few things.

First off, the planned WWE weekend reviewfest has been scrapped. With the exception of the Wii review, the other two reviews will be moved to next year's calendar as part of a planned wrestling themed period. Instead, I've decided that the Star Wars week reviewfest will include Sunday and Saturday, so that's seven days worth of daily reviews (and possibly even a couple special uploads.) And if that's not enough Star Wars for you - because it clearly isn't if the Internet is anything to go by - there will be a couple additional bits as well.

The final video review for 2015 - the 450th one - will be uploaded New Year's Eve... and it covers a game that has seen its share of action around these parts.

The DSP Mega Man Failing commentaries will continue this Christmas with not ONE but TWO terrible playthroughs with terrible rambling commentary that lasts a collective FIVE hours. December 24 will see DSP failing at Mega Man 3 (over a year in the making... literally!) and December 25 will see DSP failing Mega Man 4 and almost breaking me... but goddammit, you WILL eventually see commentaries on MM5 and MM6 by DSP in 2016... but not much more than that because HOLY BALLS!

Expect another DTM Collection video this Saturday... I believe it'll be Sega 32X.

Uploads have been dry as of late, as I'm three weeks behind on exclusive reviews (sorry about that). So here's how I'll make up for it. FOUR reviews this weekend, cool? Also, I'm presently in the process of doing an upload haul of all previously featured reviews.

Was supposed to have one up last week, but plans changed and so I'll post one Monday. Short episode, mostly a Q&A from the backlot. Following episode will be posted on the 20th and will likely be another short one.

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