Friday, November 20, 2015

2702 - Irate Gamer Does Castlevania....ehhh.

With a running time of a little under twelve minutes, you'd expect nothing but the best... until you realize that this is the Irate Gamer we're talking about and such run times often denote a shitty sketch or twenty. Yeah, as far as this episode goes, it was kind of a bust. The montage didn't work for me, the references fell flat, and this is the second episode where a previous video is recycled.

Yeah, this wasn't a good show by any means... and yet incredibly, the write-up on this thing from the IGSucks blog was almost as bad. Sometimes, the guy does good write-ups, but then there are times when you read something and can't help but feel stupid for doing so.

Some "gems" from said write-up;

"Takes a swig of vampire blood?" Are you fucking shitting me?

"Do you just want an audience of seal-clapping plebeians that believe references by themselves are jokes?" Well, if it worked for Channel Awesome... just saying.

"He gets killed by [a spike crusher], remembers the same thing in Contra, and hopes to find the “Spray Gun”, prompting a scene where Simon gets the Spread Gun “S” and fires a bunch of shots at Medusa Heads. Sorry, this isn’t Super Mario Crossover." Yeah, Super Mario Crossover merely let you play as NES characters in SMB levels, not mix and match weapons. There's never an instance where Simon picks up a Spreader or Ryu Hayabusa can toss sacred water. Maybe you should've gotten an informant to look up Exploding Rabbit's website rather than spy on Bores' Facebook.

And then there's the title of the post. What is a moron? A imbecilic collection of tripe cliches... that doesn't even make any sense!

Anyway, that's my two cents.

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