Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2441 - Grumble Grumble #?? - Keep It Classy, Andy

Was that really necessary?

From the Irate Gamer Sucks blog, a nice little tribute to the late Satoru Iwata from BatDanNight. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant, but something touching that deters from the usual mission of the site. It's just a touching tribute to an influential man passionate about his art.

And then I see the very first comment... and I shake my head in disappointment.

The news broke, the blog posts a tribute, and the first comment posted almost fifteen minutes later is a pot shot at Bores. And of course, he has to remind us of the "evil" atrocity of the Bores' ad-enabled Nimoy tribute, which I'm sure any sane individual would not give two fucks about months after the fact. I'm surprised he didn't remind everyone of his Facebook comments regarding the suicide of Justin "Jewario" Carmical. (And yes, I wrote a thing on that for those wondering and yes, I needed to be reminded of that piece since I've moved on from that affair.)

I just like to note one thing. When Ralph Baer passed away, Dan posted a similar tribute. From what I understand, said tribute originally featured a similar shot at Bores, but after some suggestions, Dan removed any mention of Bores. I never saw the original posting, so if that was the case, then kudos to Dan for knowing that there's a time and place for Whack A Bores and mere moments after an individual's passing is not that time or place.

Look, I'm not here to defend Da Bores, because the guy does have a tendency to succumb to poor judgment, as all people usually do... but at the same time, I'm not going to toss stones at him because of a couple poor judgment calls. Was the ad-enabled Nimoy tribute paired with a plea for subscribers in poor taste? Sure, it was. Am I going to hold it against him until the end of time? Of course not. Why would I? What's there to gain from it? Nothing. Bores isn't going to change his ways or his mind on such matters. He's not going to apologize for his beliefs. He's not going to disable ads. And while there are those that might feel slighted by this, there's a larger group that isn't going to care.

Bores made ONE controversial comment about Carmical. Bores made ONE Nimoy tribute with ads and cheap plugs - and contrary to popular belief, he wasn't the only oneHe never paraded them months or even a year after the fact. He gave his honest thoughts on one person, made what he felt was a suitable tribute to the other, and moved on. His detractors, on the other hand? They will continue to bring those two points up any chance they get in an attempt to paint Da Bores as a scumbag, even when there's no reason for it and even long after the fact when all is said and done. And it eventually gets to a point where those detractors who continually use those deaths as ammunition against an individual ceases to defend the dead and starts to trivialize them.

That was what precipitated that Carmical post I wrote back in January. His suicide became more of a footnote in a campaign to Whack The Bores to the point where it's the top worst thing the Bores did that year. That's what Justin Carmical's suicide was reduced to; a footnote on a list and easily accessible cannon fodder to those with nothing better to do than to lob stones at Bores. And that's my only memory of Justin Carmical... And THAT is a slight on his legacy.

Look, despite the ferocity of what's been said here, I've no ill will against this Andrew person. I don't know the guy. I don't know what kind of person he is. I'd like to think he's a pretty cool dude. But I'd also like to think that he would know better than to open a comment section of a tribute post with an unneeded and unnecessary pot shot. And I sincerely hope that he (and others) would realize that their trivialization of the loss of well-known individuals for the sake of Whack The Bores is more of an insult to the memory of those individuals than ANYTHING the Bores has done. You have plenty of ammunition to toss at the Irate One without going down that path... again.

If I'm going to remember Nimoy, it'll be for his body of work as an actor, director, and photographer, not some guy's video. If I'm going to remember Carmical, it'll be for his body of work as an internet personality, not some guy's Facebook comments whose feelings conflict with mine. And if I'm going to remember Iwata-san, it'll be for his body of work as a game designer, president of Nintendo, and a guy with a passion and love for what he does... not some idiot's ramblings over whether "Nintendo izza gunna dye" or whatever inane stupidities comes up on the Internet.

So that was long-winded. A bit morbid. A bit blunt... and I had to wait a couple days before I felt it appropriate to address it, but that was something I needed to get off my chest. And I sincerely hope I never have to do something like this again because that's not fun. So... that's a thing.

Catch ya later.

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