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2426 - Power Rangers: Zero Hour - EIGHT

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Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

Note: This chapter has been recently revised from its originally published version.


Triforian soldiers fought valiantly and bravely, but their efforts could not overcome the great numbers of Alliance forces, which continued to pile from the transports that drop off and fly back into formation with the rest of the fleet in orbit of the planet. Explosions erupt at random points of the barren battlefield; the result of orbital bombardments from the fleet. After two hours of intense ground fighting, Alliance forces had penetrated the Triforian Council building, where the temporary leaders, rather than becoming martyrs, gave their unconditional surrender to the Alliance commanders who readily occupied the fortress. The golden kingdom of Triforia, the first major superpower of good, had fallen."My king, we have reached Gorah Khan."

The words Mondo had waited to hear for months had been spoken through the speakers in his personal chambers. He said not one word, but instead got up from his resting place and walked down the darkened halls of his flagship, inspecting every soldier doing its duty until he made his way to the bridge and saw on the viewscreen the majestic dark orange-shaded sphere that was the homeworld of the Machine Empire; the world that he alone ruled until his exile. He took a long look at the planet and its various orbital platforms, then turned his attention to General Venjix, who was sitting calmly on the command chair.

"Begin the attack," Mondo ordered, "Send all of these traitors to the scrapheap."

Venjix tilted his head in response. "Yes, my liege. It shall be done."


"Emperor, the sympathizers are in orbit," Aradon's aide reported in the emperor's chambers. On his throne, Aradon frequently alternated his attention between his Cog observer aide and the tactical display, which showed several enemy IFF signals quickly approaching the friendly craft surrounding the planet on all counts. Part of him was impressed with Mondo's ability to acquire such a massive army.

"What are their compliments?"

The observer handed the padd with his findings to Aradon. "Mondo has several old-style sky-fortresses and two Avenger-class attack cruisers at his disposal, which gives him a fair number of Quadrafighters and Alliance Velocifighters at his disposal. We have tracked an unusual amount of Cogdekas under his command and-"

"Cogdekas?" Aradon interrupted in surprise. "How did he get his hands on those?"

"Sympathetic forces must have managed to acquire a ship full of them several weeks ago in a skirmish over Antares," the observer said, "Forces led by General Venjix and his associates also have possession of a small Cogdeka battalion force."

Aradon pounded his wrist against the armrest in astonishment and frustration. He knew that Cogdekas, while still in the experimental stage, were powerful additions to Mondo's army due to their personal force shields and thick armor skin. In spite of what he thinks of Mondo personally, he must commend him for his strategic thinking. His next thought was quickly interrupted when he saw another Cog soldier run and give his report.

"Sire, the battle has begun."

Aradon did not reply nor did his face show much emotion. He simply nodded and turned his attention to the tactical display, where he saw the battle over Gorah Khan's orbit erupt.


Ninjor felt his energy slowly sipping away as the battle against the evil armies proceeded to drag on longer than he had hoped to last. His attacks and moves were slightly sluggish and deliver less of an impact than they usually did. Every once in a while, he would glance at Kimberly several yards away to check on her and find that the former Pink Ranger had managed to stand her ground, deflecting and countering as many enemy blows as she could at a very quick pace. Part of Ninjor was worried; he knew Kim to be a good fighter, but from her posture, moves, and bellows, he could sense a hint of aggression and anger. He could go as far as believe it scared him and that's something. This distraction, along with the ferocity of the grunts made the odds overwhelming for him and he began to call out the one thing he didn't expect to hear himself say.

"There's too many of them!" the ninja master shouted, "We have to retreat!"

Kim didn't say a word as she landed a fist into a golem's face, disfiguring it slightly. She merely nodded and leapt off the ground, covering a couple miles over the band of monsters and landing on a large boulder close to the Temple of Power's entrance. Ninjor did a similar leap across the monstrous army, with a visible crack in his armor. Once united, Kim and Ninjor ran into the caves where the vortex to the Temple was located, with the monsters now in pursuit. Once they reached it, both entered the vortex, but not before Kim shot out a bolt of pink energy from her fist that caused the entrance to cave in, blocking off the pursuing monsters. Kim found herself in the familiar garden and turned back to the point from where she emerged, where an orb of energy briefly fluctuated before blinking out of existence completely. Kim walked back to the spot and nothing happened, confirming her belief that the vortex had collapsed. She turned back to Ninjor, who was holding on to the rockface with one arm and his chestplate with the other.

"Looks like we're stuck here for the time being," Kim observed, "Sorry."

Ninjor shook his head. "There's no need to apologize, Kim. At least the Temple is protected from the forces of evil."

He's right, Kimberly thought, But for how long?

Just as Ninjor reached the gates, he almost collapsed, prompting Kim to rush at the ninja master and help him back to his feet. Kim didn't worry too much about Ninjor until she noticed the red liquid dripping from the crack of the blue armor, some of which had stained itself on Kim's shirt and pant leg.

"You're hurt," she noted.

"It's just a little blood wound," Ninjor argued, "Nothing to be worried about."

Kim scoffed. "You're bleeding buckets, Ninjor. That doesn't seem like a 'little' to me."

"Please, Kim. This isn't the time to be nursing my open wound," insisted Ninjor, "We have to devise a means to defend the temple against those who threaten it."

"What kind of defense? There's practically a whole army out there!"

Ninjor shot an imaginary smirk. "I thought you had some experience against those odds."

"We had help at the time," Kim told him, "And I... was unconscious at the time."


An hour's worth of scouting had led the small attack force led by Zedd and Thomas through the outer sanctum of the Eltarian capital, which was roughly several miles away from the palace. Considering this was supposed to be the most fortified planet in Alliance control, Zedd was disappointed in the apparent lack of guards situated as they marched closer to the capital borders. Thomas, meanwhile, merely looked around in astonishment at the somewhat ancient look to the buildings and surrounding structures. For such an advanced and powerful world, they don't look it. Thomas' eyes kept roaming around until he saw a white teleport beam flash before the attack force, stopping them as the figure materialized."What the!"

It was a Turbo Ranger, its suit a pristine white and the normally-yellow parts a clean gold. Almost immediately, it pulled out two fairly large blaster rifles and began firing charged bolts. Zedd, Thomas, and several of the Wraiths managed to leap out of the bolts' way, although it managed to strike two Wraiths and kill them without effort. Zedd pulled out his own blaster and fired laser bolts at the Turbo Ranger (which bounced off the suit like nothing) while Thomas rushed at the Ranger with his sword extended outward. The Turbo Ranger turned towards Thomas and shot the veteran Ranger with several energy bolts, but Thomas continued his approach. He then tossed the sword at the Turbo Ranger, who crouched out of the weapon's way in response. Thomas then summoned his Zeonisers, made the call, and soon was in his Zeo Ranger V suit. An instant later, the Turbo Ranger threw his open palm outward and soon Thomas was pushed back by an invisible force, crashing into one of the pillars.

The Ranger Wraiths ganged up on the White Turbo Ranger, who began to expertly fight off the creatures. However, number was a contributing factor and soon enough the Wraiths began to pound on the Turbo Ranger until he could no longer defend himself and was close to unconsciousness. The Wraiths stepped away from the Ranger, who exploded almost suddenly and left only several burnt gears and some small metallic pieces. Both Zedd and Thomas approached the spot where the Ranger had been.

"A robot?" Zedd sounded surprised.

Thomas nodded. "Robot Ranger technology. It was supposed to be a back-up plan in case the real Rangers were somehow indisposed. When I left, they were ready to get the skins on."

"I guess our plan has gotten much more complicated."

"Not really," Thomas said, "All Robot Rangers have a weakness to polaron energy. I'm assuming your Ranger Wraiths are powered by this energy, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to take this guy out with ease."

Zedd nodded in response. "And yet you defeated my Wraiths easily."

Thomas ignored that last comment. "Let's keep moving."


Battle reports from all corners of the universe were scattered in piles all over Astronema's office, reports that did nothing more than take up precious space. Of the hundreds of thousands of datapads scattered throughout, Astronema didn't bother to read any of them, as they all conveyed reports of imminent victory at hand or attained. She knows this because in a short while, the emerald planet known as Earth and its pitiful human population will be under her rule to do as she pleases. Just the thought of ruling over that world excited her to no end.Then Astronema noticed the large object that had just been moved into her office, covered in rags and drapes. After several moments, the Quantrons whom carried the object removed the various coverings, revealing a energy tube with a familiar floating head inside, much to Astronema's delight.

"Welcome, Zordon, to the end of your era," she said spitefully, "I'm sorry I delayed the inevitable extinguishing of your life force, but I wanted you alive to witness my greatest triumph before I drain the last of your power. It is only a matter of time before you are gone forever."

"You will never succeed, Astronema," Zordon said, "You'll fail just like the rest of them have."

"I doubt that very much," Astronema countered, "None of them had ever devised an attack as massive and as complex as this. And none of them possess the weapon that I will use to destroy the world they had a hard time conquering!"

Astronema slowly approached a nearby console and tinkered with it. As she did so, the viewer shifted images of Alliance forces conquering various worlds easily, while other worlds are still in rough conflict. Astronema didn't concern herself with the few battles still being fought, because it'll be a short time before the Alliance declares absolute victory over their enemies.

"Karone, you can still stop this."

Astronema winced for a moment, attracting Ecliptor's notice but not enough for him to be concerned and worried over his princess, who shook off the momentary stun to address the captive Zordon.

"That name has no meaning to me," she spat, "And now, if you will excuse me, I have a planet to destroy."

With that, both Astronema and her bodyguard left for the hangar bay, leaving Zordon alone to contemplate his fate as well as those who continue to fight the Alliance. Even in his infinite wisdom, Zordon felt this to be a losing battle.


"Eminence, we've lost one of our Robot Ranger signals in the outer sanctum of the capital."

In a darkened control room within the main Eltarian palace, a cloaked figure approaches one of the officers pointing to a radar screen. The cloaked commander studied the radar closely, then approached the console on the other side of the room. With his clawed hands, he picked up a delicate headset and placed it over his head before speaking into the mic.

"My prince, one of our Robot Ranger drones have been deactivated... Yes, I will send a battalion into the area to investigate as you command, Lordship... Of course, sir."

The cloaked monster removed his headset and placed it on the console, then turned to the nearest Putty. "Send in a full battalion of Robot Rangers into the area and fortify the front gate. If it truly is an insurgent invasion force, they're not going to catch us defenseless."

The Putty nodded and turned to a small box of keys. With a few quick strokes and the pulling of the switch, the main gate of the palace opened and from within emerged hundreds of Robot Ranger drones of varying colors. All of them were morphed and seemed posed to defend their main base.


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