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2409 - Power Rangers: Zero Hour - TEN

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.


"Final Phase Completed. Initiating first phase of Project Prodigy."

"So we're done here?"

"Looks like it. Now it's up to the computers to get the work done."

"I still wish we went the short way."

"So do I, Justin. But you've heard what Zordon said; the long way ensured the safety of the Project and no one will be able to detect the power signatures until Prodigy is complete."

"You're right, Billy. So now what do we do?"

"Nothing we can do here now. So let's go home."

"Okay! Here we go!"


"What does that mean?"

"It appears we're unable to teleport."

"So we're stuck here?"

"It appears so, Justin."

"Is it broke or something?"

"No, it must be a failsafe system that's keeping us here. Something must be going on outside."

"If we can only get one of these sensors to work..."


With Jason and Adam working on damage control and sensors of the Megashuttle, all the more difficult work, such as flying, firing, and making sure they don't get hit, fell into the hands of Rocky DeSantos. Despite the short time he had to familiarize himself with the controls of the shuttle, he was actually flying the thing as if he was a twenty-year veteran. For the most part, he had managed to stick with some of the weaker fighters, while performing the occasional hit-and-run attack on nearby cruisers. Even with the Megaship (under Zhane's command - if you want to call it that) assisting them, they're anywhere close to making a dent in this battlefleet, which irritated Rocky.

"That's it! I'm going for that fortress!" Rocky said, "Switching to polaron cannon."

The shuttle's added cannon emerged from a hidden slot of its top. With weapon fully charged, Rocky made his way to the lead Dark Fortress. When he got in range, he fired several shots at the fortress, all of which struck the protective shield surrounding the base. Rocky veered away and turned his attention towards the nearest cruiser, which was flanked by several VF-20 Velocifighters. He fired a shot at the lead fighter and saw the shot strike the fighter's shield. Rocky targeted the reactor of the cruiser and from the shuttle's cannon fired several shots that struck the reactor and destroy it on impact. With the task done, Rocky veered the shuttle away from the exploding cruiser, which soon collided with another cruiser, destroying both capital ships.

Meanwhile, Zhane piloted the Megaship to avoid incoming fire, while DECA operated the targeting, damage control, and fire control of the ship. With DECA's efficient accuracy, the Megaship had managed several Velocifighter kills, but the newer shielded fighters continued their hit and run tactics, unphased by the Megaship's weaponry. At one point, a VF-20 fighter attempted a ramming run towards the Megaship, but was subsequently destroyed by the shuttle. While Zhane was appreciative of the assist, he knew that the two of them were fighting a lost cause.

Not that he's complaining... he enjoyed a good challenge whenever it presented itself.


"Leo, they're everywhere!" one of four mutant turtles mentioned within the sanctuary of their hidden lair, deep within the sewers of Manhanttan, in which the city is swarming with alien troops raising havoc throughout the planet.

The leader, Leo, shook his head. "Forget it, Raph! We're ninja!"

"We're ninja living in the sewers of a city swarming with grunts!" Raph argued, "The Rangers are in California or in space... who cares?! It's time for us to go out there and kick some shell."

"I have to agree with Raph on this one, Leo," a third turtle, Don, shouted from his lab, "From the news reports, those people aren't gonna last long against those aliens."

"Neither are we!" Leo argued, "Those guys are worse than the Foot Clan!"

"At least we've fought them before, dude," a fourth turtle added, "We know what they can do."

Raph gave Leo a smirk. "Three against one. The majority has spoken."

Leo sighed. He knew that this was not an argument that he would win. And if Splinter were here instead of who-knows-where, he would probably agree with the other three. After all, if aliens were rampant on the surface, it wouldn't be long before they infested the sewers and eventually discover their lair. And that was something he could not allow to happen.

"Okay," he relented, "We need a plan."


The strike cruiser Tyrant, the flagship of Lord Zedd, was cruising high above the Eltarian capital with its stealth shields on, so that the ship would pass through undetected. Within his private chamber, Lord Zedd looked over the maps of the city, which have been updated to include any recent changes in security. Much to his disappointment, the main capital of the planet Eltare was scarcely defended, which made it an easy target. Zedd allowed himself a chuckle as he begun thinking of a plan to overcome the pathetic defenses of his target.

"Those could be wrong."

Zedd looked up to the rugged Ranger sitting on the other side of the small square table. It'd seem funny to the fleshman how the Ranger had come to kill Zedd, but ended up offering his services to retake the planet. Zedd knew there was more to this than meets the eye, but chose not to pursue the subject.

"They were transmitted by my best spies, Oliver," he said calmly, "I doubt they send me outdated information."

Thomas slightly rose from his chair. "Are you sure about that?"

Zedd stared. "This whole operation has been well secluded for a year and there hasn't been any indication of any 'leaks' faltering through the system."

"If you say." Thomas slumped back to his chair. "Don't you find this odd?"

"Find what odd?"

"Us," Thomas said wryly, "One minute, we're kicking each other asses' and the next minute, we're trying to liberate a planet for all different reasons."

"I just want to rule this world with an iron fist," Zedd spat, then added in a less-than-enthusiastic tone, "Or at least I thought I did."

Thomas raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

"Never mind," Zedd said, shaking his head. "We should converge in the briefing room and get the troops ready for the raid on the capital."

With that said, he got up from his chair and left the room, leaving Thomas alone. Thomas couldn't help but notice the hint of reservation that was evident in Zedd's voice, but whether he would accept this as terrific acting or a sincere sense of doubt was hard to ascertain.

There's no time for that now, he thought, there's a war to fight.


Kimberly couldn't tell if Ninjor was looking at the advancing crowds with anticipation, anxiety, or something else entirely. His helmet, which concealed his entire head, did not do much for displaying emotion. But the tensing of his body was all the indication she needed, even if she couldn't interpret it. Funny, she thought, because she didn't know whether to feel scared or otherwise. All she felt was a desire to get out of this alive and in one piece, even if the chances of that happening was all too slim.

She saw Piranhnatrons, armed with staves and swords, flanked by Iron Golems, armed with curved sabers and Gaffi sticks, numbered in the thousands. She could even spot several white-armored soldiers that she heard the Space Rangers call Quantrons. She hadn't seen so many soldiers in her life; even the battle over the Eighth Coin years ago seemed like mere child's play compared to this.

"Kim, I believe this goes without saying," the ninja said, "But now would be a good time to use the coin?"

"But what about-?"

"You'll be fine," he insisted, "Trust me.

Kim nodded and pulled out her coin from her pocket. Gripping on the coin firmly had caused her body to glow faintly as she felt the coin infusing her with energy, just as it did before. With newly gained strength and abilities, she stared intently at the advancing army. Just as quick, she and Ninjor were surrounded by the mass numbers and Kim soon found herself fighting off several Golems and Piranhatrons. Each one of Kim's blows had knocked down a grunt, but lingering in Kim's mind was the eventual pain that would cripple her and leave her defenseless against the numerous foes.

Ninjor was skillfully fighting off the hordes of Iron Golems and Pirahnatrons, using every trick he knew to keep the enemy at bay. Having experience in fighting these kinds of battles, Ninjor knew the tactics and mindset needed if he wanted to survive this encounter, let alone win it. Even a warrior as legendary and as powerful as he was could not keep up against these odds forever, and Ninjor knew it. By admitting that, the first part of the battle has already been lost.


Seventy-five old-style Sky Fortresses, flanked by several waves of Quadrafighters, VF-13 Velocifighters, and Carrack Cruisers, are three hours away from Gorah Khan. In his personal chamber aboard Venjix's flagship, former Machine King Mondo looks over several progress reports of the Alliance War, as Alliance forces are slowly but surely conquering worlds all over the known galaxy. Mondo's own forces, the forces that rebelled against the Alliance (although with the way things are going, he thought, chances are nobody is going to care), have already retaken several colonies within the Machine Empire and he had acquired the services of Captain Steelon, who is the commander of the powerful Omega Fleet, the most fearful armada of the Empire.

Despite all this, Mondo didn't falter from his main goal; control of the Machine homeworld and the head of the false emperor, Aradon. It was a goal that had been in his mind ever since he rejoined the Alliance. The war has given him the opening needed to regain what he believes is his.


Alliance troops land on Triforia; the planetary defenses had failed in repelling the trooper transports and now there was a formidable ground battle on all corners of the planet. Armored vehicles were scourged out of military bases and sent out to deal with the invaders, but their archaic assault vehicles were no match for the Alliance war machines that laid waste to the battlefield, troops losing their lives. In a short time, Triforian forces were left no other choice but to request for terms of surrender. It was the only logical option if the survival of their world was to be assured.


He felt the pain rushing through his body; the result being on the receiving end of several blows delivered by dozens of Piranhatrons at once. He couldn't find any of the other Aquitian Rangers in sight since the army blocked off all peripheral vision. His vision was also blurry as the dense atmosphere of the forest world Endor and the lack of water for the past hour of fighting contributed to his ever-growing fatigue. Despite all this, Aurico continues to fight on. For every time he gets knocked down, he slowly gets back up to continue the fight.

And then there was Rygog, Divatox's loyal servant and best fighter, who piled through the Piranhatron army until he reached the Red Aquitian Ranger and clocked him with a stiff forearm to the head. Once Aurico collapsed, he squirmed in pain as Rygog began to deliver quick, painful stomps across the back, with the occasional shot to the head. Behind Rygog was the leader of the crew, Divatox. She made her way to the fallen Ranger, tossing any stray Piranhatron in the way aside. She took a close look at the Aquitian, who was continually stomped on by Rygog.

"Ooh, if it isn't a Filet Ranger!" she quipped, then to Rygog she said, "Make sure he stays dead! I don't want you to screw up like my idiot nephew did!"

She soon marched away as Rygog continued to stomp away at Aurico, who could do nothing but take the full brunt of each fierce blow, leaving him battered and bruised. Not even the enhanced protection of his Ranger suit could completely block off the overwhelming pain that was shooting through his body. Soon, the pain overwhelmed him and the Aquitian passed out, the world around him suddenly turning black.


The Tyrant had found an open spot not far from the borders of the Eltarian capital. According to Zedd's spies, this spot is rarely searched and unique properties of this particular area made it the perfect hiding place for Zedd's vessel. As a downside, however, the route to the Eltarian Palace, essentially a blue pyramid structure, was decisively farther and it would take a while to get there. Also, word has it that only two ships have managed to survival the orbital battle and are currently engaged in another battle with aerial forces.

However, Zedd wasn't worried and Thomas was indifferent to the whole plan altogether, because if this plan worked and they retook the planet, it could shift the balance of power in this war or even end the war altogether. But little did either one of them know was that the key to absolute victory wasn't on Eltare...


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