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2406 - Power Rangers: Zero Hour - THIRTEEN

Should probably get around to posting these up as quickly as possible... given the deadline I've set for myself in this case and nothing of note to show for it.

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brandss and not the author.


"Well, Justin? How's the flow regulators?"

"They're operating normally, Billy. Zordon sure didn't make this easy, though."

"That's Zordon's style. I don't mind personally. I like a good challenge."

"I guess so... what the?"

"What is it?"

"Is it just me or did these sensors suddenly go crazy?"

"Let me see... this isn't good."

"What is it, Billy?"

"A reason to get white hair."


Zedd shook his bearings together, his eyes focused on the rage-filled Ranger who had somehow boarded his vessel. Zedd got back to his feet, which resulted in the Ranger jumping at the fleshman lord. Zedd foresaw this and sidestepped the flying Ranger, who landed on his feet. Before the Ranger could make another move, Zedd lunged at him and held him in a bearhug position. Once securely held, he dropped to the floor and released the Ranger as the sheer momentum carried the human to a wall. Zedd began his slow stalk towards the Ranger, who was slowly getting back to his feet. The throw had done its damage and Zedd was prepared to deliver the killing blow.

"You're going to regret invading my ship, Oliver," the fleshman growled, "I'm not going to make the same mistake as I did years ago."

The sudden shaking of the room had caused Zedd to lose his balance and tossed him to the furthest wall of the chamber. Zedd glanced outside at the viewport and noticed several starcruisers firing concussion charges at his ship. As much as he would rather finish the Ranger off now, he knew his ship and fleet was the priority.

"We'll finish this later, Oliver!" Zedd spat, "In the meantime, I've got a fleet to safeguard and a planet to retake."

Zedd quickly left the room and before Thomas Oliver could follow, another violent hit shook the room and Thomas was tossed to the side of the room as a result. Thomas regained his senses and ran out the room. He looked both ways of the hall and saw no sign of Zedd, but did see rushing Ranger Wraiths and Tengas, none of which were paying any attention to him. Then he went back to the last comment Zedd made.

Did he just say a planet to retake?


The first wave of attack fighters entered Triforian orbit before anyone was prepared. Within the first five seconds of combat, the planet's orbital defense platforms were quickly destroyed before the barrage of concussion missiles and proton torpedoes launched from the invading Alliance forces. With the first minute of the fight, the golden Triforian sky is littered with attacking fighters and assault shuttles. Some are shot out of the sky thanks to the ground turrets, but others manage to land safely and in mere moments, Alliance troops and generals filled the fields with their presence.

Within the throne room and tactical office, Prince Trey of Triforia watches through survellience video monitors and sensor equipment as the ground troops do battle with the various foot soldiers that drop from the airborne vessels. Trey was truly concerned, although he did not show it. Behind him, three royal aides entered the room and Trey turned his attention to them. They seemed anxious and even a bit scared, as they should be.

"Sire," one of his aides said, "We've received word that a battle fleet led by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa is fast approaching the Vikan system."

Trey's eyes widened at the mention of the small outpost. "Vikans have no defenses; they'll just end up like another Edenoi if Zedd and Rita have their way."

He took a brief gaze at the farthest wall of the room and walked towards it, with his aide following him. Trey placed his hand on the circle imprint of the wall. The wall soon faded, revealing a small chamber. Levitating in the air was the Golden Power Staff, which had been Trey's weapon as well as the source of his power. He had sworn off using it after the last time over two Earth years ago, but the situation was dire and the Gold Ranger was needed. Reluctantly, Trey plucked the floating staff and held it firmly as its power joined with Trey.

"I'll have to lead a team to that world," Trey commented, "Yet I cannot leave my own world at its time of need."

The second aide stepped forward. "Sire, do what you must. Our forces have everything under control and we still have the secret weapons at our disposal if the situation calls for it."

Trey smiled for a moment, and despite knowing what the aide said isn't necessarily true, he had found comfort in that thought. His conflicted feelings resolved, Trey raised the Golden Staff above his head and was immediately enveloped in golden light. When the light faded, Trey was wearing the armor of the Gold Ranger, his alter ego. Gold Ranger made his way out the door and paused for a moment when he saw his aide by the window of his throne room.

"Good luck, sire," his aide said without looking back.

Gold Ranger nodded. "To all of us."


Two Alliance dreadnoughts, armed to the teeth with laser turrets, missiles launchers, and hundreds of Gunboats, enter orbit of the Nomad planet, where the ground bases have begun deploying their snub fighters to confront the intruders. Within a minute of battle, the first wave of Alliance gunboats defeat the Nomad snub fighters and begin devastation of the planet's cities and resources while the dreadnoughts sit back and launch nuclear weapons to the surface that further intensifies the damage already done. Within five minutes, the planet is devastated and its habitants all killed.


"Divatox! We're here!"

Divatox, clad in her usual grab, approached the bay area of the spacebase as it entered orbit of the water-planet called Aquitar. Divatox observed the blue planet with a certain amount of confidence, as she suspects this to be an even easier conquest than the previous six worlds she had already conquered. And with the Aquitian Rangers out on another planet, the space pirate deemed this to be even easier.

"Time to show that Astronema evil." she muttered to herself, then to her brother General Havoc, "Let's get this over and done with."

On command, Havoc fired the first wave of missiles to the planet's atmosphere. The missiles sped quickly through and broke the surface of the all-consuming Aquitian oceans. Under the sea, Aquitian defenses activated and their powerful lasers instantly destroyed the missiles. Soonafter, a second barrage of missiles was launched from the Spacebase. These missiles were much more quicker than before. All but one of the missiles were destroyed, with the remaining projectile piercing through one of the Aquitian energy towers and causing it to explode.

Within the underwater city, all power was suddenly cut off and people panicked. Without power, their city was defenseless prey to the space-based predator that struck a fatal blow. It wasn't long before the Aquitian city was quickly filled with thousands of Pirahnatron soldiers and Aquitian guards confronted them. It wouldn't be long before the guards were defeated and in a matter of hours, Aquitar was declared a Divatox conquest and everyone celebrated for five minutes before their leader let out a loud yawn.

"Golly, I'm bored," Divatox proclaimed, "Let's conquer some other planet."


Mondo relished the moment he had heard the word go round. After two years of fleeing and putting up with petty scouting missions and unimportant battles, Mondo would finally participate in the greatest war of all and his loyalty would be repaid with a battlefleet large enough to retake what was forcibly taken from him. That isn't to say that what was currently under his command wasn't a large fleet in itself, but Mondo relished gaining larger numbers to reclaim the throne of the Machine Empire. From the corner of his visual sensor, he saw his loyal servant enter the room.

"My king!" Klank announced proudly, "I have orders from Astronema! We are to prepare for the biggest battle the universe has ever seen!"

Mondo raised his voice. "Excellent! Where are we going to attack?"

"We have orders to invade the seventh planet, the Phantom Ranger's homeworld."

Klank waited for Mondo to give the word to begin the attack, but Mondo never did. Klank saw Mondo's receptors deactivated and saw his body violently shake. Klank expected this attitude; after all, Mondo wanted the order to attack the Aradon-led Machine Empire and deactivate the half-breed responsible for his dethroning and his humiliation. Mondo's receptors were quickly activated and Klank saw him confer with Machina. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity for a machine, Mondo turned to Klank.

"Send half of our available fleet to that world, Klank," he ordered, "I'm going to take the rest of the fleet and remove that wretched Aradon from my throne."

Klank seemed shaken. "B-But that would go against Astronema's orders, which subsequently goes against Dark Specter's orders."

"The Phantom Ranger's world is hardly a difficult planet to conquer," Mondo said, "Not with our newly aquired thunder walkers."

"Indeed," Klank said in realization, "In that case, it'll be done!"


The rebel compound, spread across several miles beneath the barren surface of KO-35's farthest moon, was well protected from the aerial bombardments of Alliance warships, but that did not comfort senior Commander Kinwon much. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before ground forces made contact and the more brutal battles would be fought. His mind wandered between the briefing and the possibility that their mission to reclaim their world would surely fail.

"There's a second battlefleet emerging from the Briar Patch," one of the lieutenants said, "We've mobilized most of the ground forces and we've launched several squadrons of snub fighters in orbital defense, but I must be frank. Our forces don't stand a chance against a full battlefleet, let alone two. And the bombardments are picking us apart already."

Zhane saw Kinwon dropped to his chair defeatedly as he listened to the lieutenant's report. All he heard was more news of forthcoming defeat and hopeless battle plans. While Zhane did believe the rebels were fighting a battle they couldn't possibly win, he knew that it didn't have to be a hopeless one. Without a second thought, Zhane marched his way towards the exit before Kinwon stopped him.

"Where are you going, Zhane?" he asked.

Zhane turned to answer his old friend. "To find the other Rangers. If we're going to at least survive this fight, we'll need their help."

Kinwon nodded in agreement. "Be safe, Zhane."

Zhane nodded and left the compound. Almost immediately, he morphed into the Silver Ranger, hopped on to his Galaxy Glider, and broke through the dust-filled atmosphere of the derelict Kerovan moon that the rebels used as their home. To much to Zhane's surprise, none of the Alliance ships orbitting the moon and beginning their bombardment noticed the Silver Ranger speeding through their lines, but he knew it wouldn't last long. Instinct told him to home in towards Earth, since the Rangers mostly hung around there when nothing happened. If it wasn't for the built-in computer processor in his helmet, Zhane wouldn't be able to find his way.

When things seemed calm, Zhane turned back and saw three Velocifighters tailing him. Two of them were the obsolete VF-10 models being lead by the recent and modern VF-13 design. Zhane summon his Silverizer and fired two shots at one of the VF-10s, which immediately destroyed the ship. The other two broke formation and kept their distance. Silver Ranger continued speeding ahead despite the interruption, unaware that the lead fighter was still tailing him. Knowing this, the Quantron pilot waited for a lock on the Glider and then fired.

The shot struck the Glider's rocket and Zhane was immediately tossed off, but was able to hang on to the off-balance glider. Zhane saw little superficial damage, but also knew that regaining control would be difficult. He struggled to regain balance to his glider, but found the guidance controls to be completely shot. He was lucky it had any flight power at all, but Zhane felt that luck slowly slipping away as he saw the lead fighter position itself in front of the incapacitated Silver Ranger. Zhane struggled further, but to no avail and watched as the Velocifighter grew closer to attaining a weapons lock.


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