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2305 - MMPR: The Eighth Coin (2012 Final Cut) - Part 12

That's it for now, I think... gotta check the final part before I think it's ready to go.

Disclaimer: The author of this document would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.


The Rangers summoned their Thunderzords and combined them to form the Thunder Megazord while the White Tigerzord was also summoned from its hiding place by White Ranger and soon converted to the more efficient Warrior Mode. Both soon stood before the powerful Reaper monster, but kept their distance. The creature's black rubbery skin, multiple tentacles, and its single, glowing eye made it seem utterly revolting, but then the looks would only complement its fearsome power that had ravaged worlds before.

The Reaper saw the two Zords firing their traditional energy bolts, none of which has done enough significant damage to harm the creature. The White Tigerzord slowly made its advance towards the Reaper, but was hit by a whipping tentacle. The Megazord was next to make its approach, but the Reaper shot a energy burst to keep the zord at bay. Both zords once again attempted to fire projectiles at the Reaper, but then they eyed glowed and between the incoming stream of energy beams and the creature appeared an energy barrier. The barrier destroyed most of the projectiles it blocked, causing the Megazord and Tigerzord to take a couple steps back in response. Soon, the barrier faded and the Reaper monster decided to launch the next phase of its attack.

The Reaper lashed out two of its tentacles, each one wrapping around the respective zords like a vine until they were firmly immobilized. With little effort, the Reaper raised its tentacles up with the captured Zords in tow and soon the tentacles were supercharged with electrical bolts that caused small sparks and explosions to erupt from the Zords. Finally, the Reaper raised the entangled Zords a little higher up before slamming them to the ground with such tremendous force that more mini-explosions erupted from the Zords.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Thunder Megazord was the first to get up, the damage evident by the scorched burn marks all over the metal skin of the Zord and the once-clean colors faded to a dull-gray. The White Tigerzord struggled to get back on its feet, but collapsed to the ground. This left the Megazord on its own to face the Reaper, so it pulled out the Thunder Saber and attempted to deliver the finishing blow to the Reaper, but the Reaper blocked the sword and shot a blinding energy burst that knocked down the Megazord.


The Command Center was dead silent as the events of the battle unfolded. No one could quite get themselves to say something, breath heavily, or even make an audible gasp. For the past minute, they had seen the Reaper manhandle two zords as if they were little plastic army men figurines. After the last fierce hit from the Reaper that seemed to shatter the protective glass of the Megazord's cockpit, Alpha broke into a wail as Gillian uttered a vulgar word. Zordon didn't say anything; the coinbearer pretty much spoke for him.

It was then that the holder of the coin turned to Zordon and for a brief moment, both shared a staredown. When Zordon slowly nodded, Gillian nodded back and approached one of the computer console, which controlled power allocation between the Zords and the grid. She worked the controls of the computer with utmost efficiency despite never having touched the console before.

"What are you doing?" Alpha asked, almost panicking. "Careful with that! That's highly volatile equipment!"

"Calm down, Alpha," Zordon said, "I believe we can trust her."

If Gillian heard the last bit, she certainly didn't show as she continued to operate the computer. Upon entering the last command, she glanced to her side to see the materialization of a small circular disc, measuring about three inches in diameter and was almost as thin as a compact disc box. The disc was featureless and transparent, but a hint of color could barely be seen within the disc. Gillian placed the coin on the disc and entered more commands into the keyboard. Both the coin and disc soon began to glow faintly, almost to the point where the two would be completely hidden in golden light.

"What are you doing?" Alpha cried, "What's going on?"

Gillian didn't reply. The next command inputted into the computer caused the Command Center lights to completely darken and some equipment to deactivate. Alpha was about to cry foul, but looked up at Zordon, who shook his head. Not noticing the background disturbance, Gillian continued working the console until light was partially restore to the Command Center. She then input one final command into the computer before stepping back. Alpha nervously approached the console she had worked on and checked the readings.

"I don't get it," Alpha replied, "You've just shunted power into the accelerators."

Gillian nodded. "Using their coins as a power base. With the extra boost, they'll have a chance to finish this thing."

Alpha took a glance at the Megazord and Tigerzord via Viewing Globe and saw that they glowed faintly before jumping up, seemingly rejuvenated by the power boost. Alpha took a closer look and noticed that all the damage both zords suffered in the fight had disappeared and the robot couldn't be more happier... until he noticed Gillian calmly walk out of the Command Center.

"Where are you going?" the little robot squealed.

"I'm going for coffee," she replied before disappearing from sight.

Alpha looked over to Zordon. "She's going for coffee at a time like this? Ayaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai!"

Zordon said nothing. His attention was focused on the battle taking place.


The Reaper monster took several steps back as the Thunderzords were slowly being restored; their battle scars repaired. The Reaper shot another energy burst, but the burst dissipated before it could make contact with either Zord. As they were being restored, the Zords slowly got back to their feet; by which the miraculous repair was completed and the two Zords were whole once again.

"What happened?" Rocky asked, perplexed.

"All systems are repaired," Billy reported, "Although I am at a loss to explain it."

"I have a good idea how this happened," Tommy said over the comlink from the White Tigerzord, "but let's forget about it. We have a job to finish!"

No longer hampered by non-existing damage, the Thunder Megazord was the first to advanced towards the shadowy Reaper monster, who fired several more energy bursts. The energy bursts, however, had no effect on the Megazord, whose restored skin had effectively deflected the bursts. Once within melee range, the Megazord threw a fit directly into the Reaper's eye, which was enough for the creature to recoil several steps back in pain. From the distance, the Tigerzord fired several of its firebolts. All the shots impacted the Reaper, with one shot striking the creature's eye, causing it to growl in pain. Another quick jab from the Megazord to the eye was enough to knock the creature down. At the same time, the cold veil of the black sky was starting to crack, as beams of light began to seep through

"Now that's more like it!" White Ranger gloated, "Let's finish this guy!"

The smoking and weakening Reaper monster slowly struggled to get back to its feet, but its efforts would be for nought as the illuminated blade of the Thundersaber swiftly cut through its graying skin and the creature soon crashed onto the ground, its tentacles twitching until the life force of the creature was gone, its body still. The two Zords kept their distance, readying themselves for anything that could happened. As it were, the dead Reaper's corpse dissolved into specks of black dust before having completely vanished.


From the confort of the tavern, Gillian enjoyed a tall cup of coffee while watching the Thunder Megazord deliver the killing blow to the Reaper monster. Sitting on the newly replaced table along with the bartender Anthony, she smiled as the news report ended with the journalist recapping the Rangers' latest victory over the forces of evil. Both patron and bartender lifted their mugs and toast the win.


"My lord?"

Lord Zedd was silent. Hard to believe that the Rangers were able to hold off and defeat a large number of his monsters as well as his own Reaper monster, which had done its damage before the Eighth Coin re-energized them. Granted, such use of power is probably going to put a strain on the Command Center's power, but the fact is that the Rangers were still triumphant. Another plan ruined. Another attempt at conquest sidetracked.

Goldar quivered in response. "I'm sorry, my lord."

Silence. Lord Zedd took a quick look over the Putty chamber, where a few would usually stand guard in preparation for the next battle against the Rangers. No matter how many Putties were lost, there would always be more to send. But this time, there were no remaining. Not even in the chamber itself, because every last one of them was used in the failed attack on the Command Center. All of them were either destroyed in the fighting or have fled to other points of the universe. All of them lost in a gamble that would have made or broken Zedd's master plan to wipe the universe of Zordon and his Rangers.

A gamble Zedd ultimately lost.

Finally, Zedd spoke two simple words in a low, calm tone. "Leave me."

The titan did as ordered and limped his way to the Chamber's main exit, which lead to the main staircase of the Command tower of the Lunar Palace. His own wound had healed, but he would not possess the same fighting capacity as he did before. He had almost been crippled by the White Ranger's fatal attack and he silently vowed vengeance.

"Goldar," he spoke out, stopping the gold titan. "As far as Rita is concerned, this never happened."

Goldar simply nodded in agreement before walking out, without an utterance of a word, leaving Zedd to contemplate his plans for the next several hours before Rita would return from her trip. In a way, Zedd was thankful that he didn't have the witch around to witness this disastrous campaign. He would have never heard the end of it. And as much as it pained him to admit it, Rita did prove to be an asset despite her past failures. And they had come close to defeating the Rangers on several occasions. Maybe if she had been here...

"I am not entertaining that thought," Zedd said aloud, despite being alone in the chamber. He then stood from his throne and marched towards the balcony. He soon gazed onto the Earth, his body glowing a crimson red.

"You may have won this battle, Rangers. You have crippled my forces and you have defeated a Reaper demon. But don't think that I do not know of your costs as well. And do not think that I will sliver away. In fact, I promise you that I will not rest until I lay waste to your world and you are nothing more than mounds of ash along a wasteland. Rest assured, Rangers, that this is only the beginning of a bigger war... One that I am fully prepared to win..."


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