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2303 - MMPR: The Eighth Coin (2012 Final Edit) - Part 10

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Disclaimer: The author of this document would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.


From the front gates of the Command Center, the four Power Rangers emerged and ran head into the combined forces of Goldar and Ecliptor, the two warriors under truce for the moment. No time for the usual pre-battle posing that had been a custom of previous engagements, the Rangers divided and went for the closest non-human target that moved.

Red Ranger immediately brandished his Power Sword and used it skillfully to fight off the various Putties and Quantrons that surrounded him. A few sword swipes and roundhouses were helpful tools in defeating the foot soldiers of the two generals, but as soon as the initial wave of soldiers were defeated, they were replaced with more powerful monsters. Knasty Knight was the first to attack Red Ranger and the two managed various move after move with their swordsplay. A missed sword swipe left Knasty Knight opened and Rocky delivered several swipes that killed the monster instantly.

With her swift speed and high jumps, the Yellow Ranger was easily able to keep away from the hordes of monsters, picking away at them with shots from her Blade Blaster. She managed to eliminate several Quantrons before being shot down by a lightning bolt fired from RhinoBlaster's horn. As soon as the Ranger's body crashed on the ground, several of the monsters immediately piled up on her, hoping to keep her pinned to the ground. Luckily, Aisha was able to slip out from the pile and summoned the rarely-used Pulse Blasters. Before the monsters could react, she fired a fully-charged shot that wiped the whole batch of monsters and turned her attention to the other band of monsters slowly rushing at her.

Black Ranger held his own against the Bug Monsters and evened the score when he summoned his Power Axe and using its built-in cannon to keep the monsters at bay. One of the monsters, Stag Beetle, fired energy bolts from his antennae, but Adam managed to leap over the beams and deliver a killing blow to the monster with his axe. Adam further intensified his axe swipes that defeated and vaporized several other monsters, but the barrage would end when King Sphinx struck Black Ranger with his staff, knocking the Ranger down.

With a Blade Blaster in one hand and a Pulse Blaster in the other, the Blue Ranger fired many shots to keep the various monsters at bay. Some monsters had even fallen under these weapons, but soon they continued to advance towards Billy. He tossed the two blasters aside and summoned his Power Lance to engage the monsters head on. For the most part, he held his own against the onslaught of monsters that attacked, but knew he couldn't hold up much longer.

Rocky managed to break clear of the monster army and soon found himself facing the two warriors who were in charge of the massive monster army. Rocky gripped on his Power Sword firmly with both hands as he felt the gazes of Goldar and Ecliptor piercing through his visor. A full minute passed before Rocky leapt at the two warriors with the sword held overhead. The two warriors crossed their swords and from the blades shot orange and green bolts that struck Red Ranger in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Rocky was quick to recover and rolled out of the way as Ecliptor's blade dove and stabbed into the stone surface.


The battle seemed to be in his favor, but Lord Zedd wasn't too impressed with the results. All of them seemed to be faring well against the Power Rangers, but none of them were making a move towards the Command Center. They seemed more interested in defeating the humans that had been responsible for their defeats time and time again. With great apprehension, Zedd walked towards Finster, who was standing in the middle of the chamber of command.

"Let them loose, Finster," the fleshman whispered to the monster's ear. "Let them loose."

Finster nodded in approval of Zedd's decision. "Yes, your lordship. It shall be done."


Tommy looked ahead on the main viewer as the Phaedosian spaceship that had once belonged to the missing master warrior gingerly made her voyage towards the Command Center. There was no doubt in the White Ranger's mind that Lord Zedd has already amassed a huge army to assault their headquarters and may have already started his attack. But if this ship would help "thin the herd" as the coinbearer had so eloquently put it, then it was all worth it in Tommy's mind.

While Gillian flew the ship – something she had grown adequate at doing despite admittedly having no first-hand experience – Tommy relegated himself to the only other bunker on the ship. It was a relatively simple design; a padded bed along with a loose freezer box laying on the floor. Strangely enough, the freezer box was more Earth-based compared to the rest of the ship.

Tommy looked around the alien ship that Gillian claimed to belong to Dulcea, the alien warrior who had bestowed upon her the Eighth Coin. While he was in awe of the ship's outer appearance, the interior seemed much more dirtier and aged. He didn't expect a lush, clean environment here either, but at least he could approve of the scent of pine in the air. He turned to Gillian, who was already at the cockpit operating the controls to the ship.

"How's it going?" he asked. He noticed her visibly shaking arms and her head somewhat tilting downwards. "You alright?"

The coinbearer groaned, shaking off the woozy feeling. "You'd think this thing would go a little faster."

Tommy merely shrugged. He knew the feeling.

"You want me to take over?" he offered.

"No, I'm fine," replied Gillian, "Maybe you should check in with your pals. See how they're doing."

Tommy nodded back and headed back to the bunker. Almost instinctively, Tommy closed the door behind him and reached for the freezer box, opening it up to find a couple bottles of clear water. He reached for one of the bottles and pour some of the water into a glass. He took a sip of the water and then consumed the entire glass full. Feeling reinvigorated by the cool liquid, he reached for his communicator and dialed for the Command Center.

"Zordon, can you read me?" There wasn't an immediate response. Probably because of interference, he thought. He did feel a slight rumbling as the ship took off but didn't worry much about it.

After some time, he heard the Eltarian's voice through the communicator. "Yes, Tommy. Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Tommy said. He paused for a moment before adding, "I'm with her."

There was a slightly uncomfortable pause on Zordon's end. "Did she cause you any harm?"

"No, but she does scare me a bit. On the other hand, I don't think we have to worry about her."

"Yes, we do," Zordon interjected, "A massive contingency of monsters is within proximity range of the Command Center in search of the Eighth Coin. The Rangers have gone to confront them, but I fear they will be defeated swiftly."

Tommy tensed up for a moment before he replied. "We'll be there as soon as we can."

Tommy turned off his communicator and hung his head. Part of him felt guilty for not being with the Rangers in the first place, but on the other hand, common sense dictated that things wouldn't have been much difference if he was there. Even with a full team up and running, they had never faced this many monsters striking at the same time and the previous encounters. Without much thought, he stepped out of the bunker room and headed for the cockpit where Gillian was handling the piloting of the ship.

"Zedd's started his assault on the Command Center," he said bluntly, "The Rangers are handling it so far, but with Kimberly out, they might not last."

Gillian cursed under her breath, though Tommy didn't seem to have heard her. Aloud, she said, "It'll take us a while to get there. I'm still trying to get used to flying this damn thing."

"You need an extra hand?" he offered. Although he didn't know how to fly planes, maybe his limited experience driving the TigerZord would help a bit.

"No, I think I can manage the flying part," she said, fiddling with the controls and then motioning towards an empty seat on the right. "But I could use someone at weapon control. Figure we can clear some of those monster rejects up while we're airborne."

Tommy's view shifted from Gillian to the main viewer where the vast mountain desert landscape was in full view. He could barely make out the Command Center, surrounded by a sea of monsters with several explosions visible here and there. From this distance, he could barely make out his friends within that sea of monsters that seemed to be growing bigger by the minute.

"No problem," he said finally, "Tell me what I need to do."


After a shaky start, Rocky valiantly fought off against Goldar and Ecliptor in armed combat. While he was familiar with Goldar's fighting style, Ecliptor's various attacks baffled the Red Ranger and wasn't able to handle him as easily as he could the Titan. For every time Rocky downed Goldar to the ground, Ecliptor would skillfully block all of the Red Ranger's sword swipes and counter with a stiff kick to the abdomen. Before Rocky could make another move, he heard a loud exploding sound from behind him and turned around. He later saw instant eruptions of flames emerge, incinerating certain monsters and knocking away others into the air. Ecliptor and Goldar paused their advances against the Red Ranger, wondering where these blasts came from.

From the corner of his visor, Billy noticed the sudden bursts of explosions that were sending monsters flying. He briefly glanced upward and saw a speeding ship fly by and firing powerful beams from its twin cannons. The beams that dropped into the endless of monsters erupted in giant fireballs that vaporized some monsters and knocked away several others around the blast. Billy noticed the monsters turning their attention to the small spacecraft as it sped towards the Command Center.

Using the brief moment of distraction, Blue Ranger extended his Power Lance in front of him and began spinning his body in a three-sixty motion. He continued to spin his body around, striking and knocking down several monsters that were stupid enough to get close. After several spins, his body continually spun faster and fiercer until it became nothing more than a blazing blue blur that slowly moved around. Any monster caught within this blur was defeated and Blue Ranger's spinning body managed to cut through several monsters. The remaining monsters fled away from the blur, by which point the spinning slowed down and completely stopped. Blue Ranger adopted a fighting stance, completely unphased by spinning around at speeds that would make the normal human spew vomit seconds.

Adam clutched the cannon of his Power Axe firmly and fired several concussion shots at the monsters. Suddenly, the shots released were much more powerful than before and resulted in massive explosions when it struck a monster. Adam could almost feel the power boost slowly seeping into him. He wasn't too sure what to make up of it, but it didn't matter. He kept firing powered bursts from the axe's cannon and made short work of the advancing horde of monsters.

Slowly, the army of monsters was getting smaller as they succumbed to the sudden increase of the Rangers' powers. Goldar, realizing the severity of such a failure, launched himself into the air and used his wings to begin a flight towards the Command Center and his prize. Ecliptor noticed the Titan in flight and fired a green beam, which struck Goldar in the back and caused him to crash to the ground.

"You lying scum!" the green-black warrior accused, "Trying to get away with claiming my prize?"

Goldar tried to explain himself, but Ecliptor was too busy firing many bolts that struck the Titan and kept him under fire. Several shots had managed to disarm Goldar of his sword and several shots more knocked the Titan down. Ecliptor continued his slow walk towards Zedd's general, but was caught off-guard by several bolts shot from a monster. Ecliptor turned his attention to the monster, who was suddenly backed by several more monsters. Ecliptor concentrated his efforts on the band of monsters and shot several beams at them, but the monsters kept their advances until they completely overwhelmed the bodyguard to Astronema.

After recovering from the onslaught, Goldar once again attempted a flight towards the Command Center, which was nearby. After some time, the Titan felt as though he was about to succeed where others had failed. With the other Power Rangers distracted and his 'partner' being beaten down by his army of monsters, Goldar felt a sense of pride and excitement as he landed on the finely-crafted ground and stood before the majestic wall of the Command Center. There was a glint in his eyes that appreciated the structure. He took the grandeur and scope of this relatively small complex, almost saddened that such a work of art would soon be destroyed by his very hand.

Feeling the fruits of victory close at hand, Goldar made his way towards the main door of the Command Center. As expected, the doors were firmly shut and a binding barrier surrounded it. The Titan extended his sword forward and from the tip of the blade launched several fireballs and bolts, which struck the barrier with enough force to take down a building. The barrier held firmly (though Goldar wasn't too surprised) and the Titan continued to launch projectiles at the barrier. After a full minute, the barrier faded and the heavy doors emitted several sparks before opening inward. The Titan's eyes lit up and a wicked smirk formed on his primal face. This was the moment he had been dreaming of ever since he was released from his ten thousand year prison and after years of taking abuse from Rita and Zedd, he would accomplish what none thought was possible. And in his mind, there was nothing anyone can do about it.

To be continued...

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