Saturday, September 13, 2014

2064 - Here's The Deal

For the three people wondering or need the reminder, the next episode of the DTM-Cast is due up next month on October 5th, now following a monthly set-up as opposed to the original bi-weekly schedule. On paper, at least, this is shaping up to be something of a packed program. No doubt there will be a brief talk on this month's WWE offering and a couple other things, but perhaps the big deal is where I'll be talking about the recently released Angry Video Game Nerd movie that people (primarily the fans) have been raving about.

It was something that I thought I could post here this weekend, but as I began writing the review, it gradually morphed into something more than I originally intended. So I decided to sit on it for a while before giving it a quick read and eventually do the dubwork for the show. So that's the plan... for now.

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