Sunday, April 27, 2014

1863 - Trio Of Rios-Views (Plus Some Notices)

Uploading a trio of reviews to YouTube. If you've been to the Review Archive, you've already seen these. But if not, they'll be posted here as they are uploaded, which won't be as frequent or as quantatative as this past volley, but the way I see it, if I were to space out the releases, I have just enough reviews to last me through the spring and early-summer, which frees me up to do other stuff... outside... and... you know... STUFF.

A couple quick notes;

- Recently had a buddy inquire about the two promised commentaries over coffee last Friday night (the Shiek/Maccabee match and the Irate Power Rangers reviews). Admittedly, I haven't started on those and I really wanted (in the case of Irate) to wait until his storyline came to a disappointing end. I might start those soon enough and, more than likely, will put those out during the summer. Beyond those two commentaries, I doubt I will actively do more of these unless I come across something (old or new) that piques my interest enough to warrant one.

- The next edition of DTM-Cast will pull some questions out of the thing to fill time. And I'd imagine that I'd do a couple more before bringing the series down to its summer hiatus. I may (keyword being may) attempt to put up one a month during that interim, but part of me really wants to focus on getting other impending projects out of the way. We'll see how that goes.

Got a couple other things in the works... but we'll get to those when more is available.

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