Saturday, April 26, 2014

1862 - So They Found The Landfill With The E.T. Things...

And all I can say is... meh. I suppose I don't feel this to be as big a deal as everyone else seems to think... if only because E.T. for 2600, for all the lore that the "Great E.T. Landfill Haul" has built over the years, is about as common of a find as Pac-Man for the same system. If it was a rarity, then yeah, I could be a little more enthusiastic about this find. As it is... meh.

So with that, I guess we don't need that AVGN movie anymore. Rather obsolete by this point... but if nothing else, it'll probably gain more interest. If only this discovery would increase interest in a better movie on the matter, but we won't know until the thing comes out...

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