Monday, April 14, 2014

1850 - Don't Spam My Shit With Your Pac-Hero Snake Oil

I don't mind pimping a game worth a damn, but this ain't it.

As an edit, here's the review I posted on the Google Store page;
I got spammed with messages telling me about this game and how it was "newer" and "better" than PacMan. Well, after having played this game, I can say that this is NOT the case thanks to its absolutely unresponsive and outright crippled controls. PacMan may be an oldie, but at least controls work the way they're supposed to. Don't buy into the praise and hyperbole that the above comments and five-star ratings (no doubt posted by the developers) make this game out to be. It's not a good game.

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  1. Almost EVERY SINGLE video out there that has anything to do with Pac-Man has these comments. It gets annoying.


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