Thursday, March 13, 2014

1798 - DTM-Cast Q&A Thing

So, the twenty-fifth episode of the DTM-Cast is due this Sunday and the basic premise of the show is do something resembling a Q&A type of thing. A couple buddies have been putting together a round of questions for the occasion... and I'll be likely adding a couple of my own, but I figure this would be an idea opportunity to ask the few folks roaming this site to, probably, shoot a couple questions along the way. 

Now, if you're interested in sending questions for whatever reason - whatever comes to mind, whether it'd be random shit or specific questions, such as "When's the next reading of Sonichu?" or whatever - go to the little prompt on the side and ask away there. Partly because I want to keep the questions secret until the episode airing.

I'm not expecting a whole lot to come out of this and I've got a share of fake questions to answer anyway to fill the time, but if you really want to ask some question, go ahead.

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