Friday, January 31, 2014

1756 - Some Minor Updates And Fixes

Nothing drastically major here, but there are some quick updates and fixes made to the blog overall;

- After what seems like forever, I've finally linked all the Ramblemanias done thus far in the Documents page of the site. So now, for those who want to know my thoughts on the various Wrestlemanias while on the Road To Wrestlemania XXX, you can do so easily and without much hassle.

- Also, I've been going about adding links to the old PPV Musings and reposted Predictions of yesteryear to the archive page. Since merging all the wrestling related labels into one Wrestling Musings label, it's become noticeably difficult to seek out specific entries, with the barely-functional search function being much help. So once again, these are being looked out for and linked to the Documents page.

- Going through the posts, I've noticed lots of them featuring videos that have long since been taken down. Rather than leave them be, I decided to recycle them with old content... mostly classic Bite commentaries, but if I come across something else, I might post that too. As per the case, these Bite commentaries more often than not will have bolded comments to denote more present day thoughts and reflections in an attempt to add some context to these older postings.

In other updates, I've been putting together a couple collection videos and will probably start shooting them out on a weekly basis along with the reviews. I'm also in the process of putting together another pick-up video, pending the finalization of a major* acquisition. The pick-up in question should make for interesting fodder... a possible hint at a future review, perhaps?

*not as major as you'd think, so settle down.

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