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1747 - Classic Bite Commentary: May 2nd, 2004

Classic Bite Commentary for May 2nd, 2004. Current-day comments are in bold, although there isn't as much of it here as other reposts.

FUN FACT: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's birthday is May 2nd, you stupid son of a bitch!

WARNING: Contains language and some material unsuitable for younger readers. Discretion is advised.

How long has it been since I wrote a commentary or even made an update? A month? Are you serious?

Nothing noteworthy to add in this commentary other than a few notes here and there.

Enterprise: Brace yourselves. I'm about to praise Enterprise for an episode that kicked ass rather than suck ass. The last two new episodes that have aired were actually good for once; it was something I looked forward to rather than tape it and watch it some other time. Now they actually have me hooked, so that can't be nothing more than excellent news.

(I honestly wish 2004 Dave was a bit more specific in what he was talking about so that 2014 Dave has an idea on what context this comment was made in. Possibly a couple episodes in the final stretch of Season 3, which was starting to bring that whole Xindi arc to a close.)

WWE: Chris Benoit is champion? Triple H loses to Shelton Benjamin twice in a row? Edge beats Kane? Edge and Benoit are tag-team champions? Chris Benoit is still champion? RAW is getting consistently better? Smackdown is sucking? Oh man, are my eyes deceiving me?

Wrestlemania 20 can be declared the longest wrestling PPV I ever had to sit through. Unfortunately, there was some much dead weight they could have cut that it generally seemed to outweigh the really good matches, such as the main event, which kicked 901 different kinds of ass. Lesnar/Goldberg was 902 different kinds of shit wrapped in one inconvenient package and the NYC crowd wasn't afraid to say it. Skip the crap and you have a somewhat watchable show, but for the most part, it sucked.

(If you want some more recent thoughts on this show, you can click here.)

Backlash... if Randy Orton can't make it to superstardom by working hard, he could always land on a bed of thumbtacks. Other than that, the show was pretty lackluster, but I expected that, so in any case, I'm not disappointed in the least bit.

By the way, Vince... it's the Rock's birthday today, you stupid S.O.B.

Rangers: I haven't been tuning in to Rangers recently because I've had no time. For the most part, I had to bit-torrent some episodes I missed, but apparently so far, all I have seems to be filler, so I didn't miss much. Yes, I have the gall to call the whole White Ranger business filler. I'm that cruel.

(I never cared for that whole evil White Ranger clone thing.)

PR Fanfiction: The current Zeo fic, Shadow of the Dragon is getting close to the end. Part 6 is more filler, but Part 7 is where the fights begin. Long time visitors may notice recognize the title of the latest fic, Plague. If you don't remember, perhaps this image will remind you. Yeah, it's the one I wanted to do before getting sidetracked doing The Weapon. Now it's here...

Um, that's it. Until Friday.


BONUS: MAY 13th, 2004 Commentary
(Was going to post this as its own individual post, but the short length of the commentary didn't merit a whole new post. So I tossed it here, instead. It was through that I was able to get a proper semblance of context regarding the Enterprise comment above.)

Nothing big to say this week, so I'll keep it short and sweet. This past week has been a real pain in the ass (both figuratively and literally) as I have to split time between laying out school projects, fanfiction, and managing this site.

In case anyone cares, there was a WWE Smackdown! Pay-Per-View this coming weekend. I haven't seen it... this is quite possibly the first time that I have skipped a wrestling pay-per-view (not counting TNA) in years... Actually, I don't think I ever missed a PPV since I first really got into it in 98, so there's history on that count. In any case, word out there is that the show wasn't that great, and 411mania's Scott Keith had to use the Shane McMahon Unconditional Refund Formula to rate that show... who cares? Because I saw RAW and got a better deal out of it.

Enterprise, other than the E2 stupidity, continues to kicks ass. Nothing more, nothing less. Later.


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