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1746 - Classic Bite Commentary: December 23, 2003

Another "classic" Bite commentary, featuring lots of broken promises and some quick blurbs here and there. Once more, current thought processes and reflections are in bold.

First off, a Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy your two-weeks of days offs, losers. I know I will. heh heh heh. The actual commentary today will be short; instead what's beefing this thing up are all the extra stuff that precede it.

Some minor tidbits:

I'm in the process of writing the final script for Power Rangers: Evilution, of which the first chapter is slated for a January 2004 release. It's taking long to write this thing because I am constantly undergoing revisions. There's a major subplot in the story that involved a rebellion on another world; when I look back, there's some much in terms of subplots that it got hard to swallow. So the whole rebellion thing was scrapped and now I have to do a major rewrite and filler point. It sucks, but it had to be done.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Because of various setbacks on this side of the fence, I am forced to push Evilution's release back again. This pisses me off because I was hoping to get this out by then and now I won't have the chance. As it stands, Evilution is stuck in limbo and I don't know when or if it'll ever be out. I am truly sorry about all this.

(Evilution was supposed to be the big fanfic opus of mine; the big grand "epic" story that would include as many past and present Rangers as possible and go completely grim and gritty... Yeah, I even had that phase too. However, Evilution had been scrapped and regurgitated so many times that it ended up being the Duke Nukem Forever of DTM-written fanfiction... except Forever actually did get released while Evilution never saw the light of day in any way, shape, or form. Today, the only remnants of the story are a couple chapters and a rough outline of where it would have gone. If I ever get bored or inspired, I might post what few notes I had up here.)

Shadow of the Dragon should be in its third or forth chapter by the time you read this. It's not a long story in any sense of the word, but it's a pretty good one. I urge you people to give it a read. It's nothing too simplistic, but it's not an overly complicated or confusing storyline as The Weapon is. Some people will counter that Dragon has some subplot problems, but that's no big deal. I might extend the run from six chapters to eight, just to make one guy a little happier...

(Shadow Of The Dragon ended up running nine chapters and spawned two sequels. It's probably my best work to date according to some folks.)

I want to write a short Enterprise story. (not a parody... come on, stop laughing.) Thing is, the show sucked major ass recently that it doesn't seem that hospitable recently. Anyway, let's see how things work out.

(I was actually rewatching Enterprise via the Blu-Ray releases and while I can agree that the show didn't get really good until the latter two seasons, the first half of the four year run wasn't entirely worthless. It's a struggle to find some quality episodes in that initial batch of episodes, but I enjoyed episodes like First Flight and Shuttlepod One, both obvious examples of Enterprise's better moments.)

WWE is coming out with a music CD, which consists of several songs sung by wrestlers. Yes, I really need to go out and buy a CD where Austin non-sings.

(I never bought the CD. In fact, the only WWE music CD I ever bought was the 3-disc WWE Anthology collection released sometime in 2002.)

As I look back (or ignore - your choice) the past 365 days, I tend to change my views on certain things. I've decided to fill this commentary even more by looking back at five specific Bite comments I made in the past year... in no particular order:

Original Comment #1: June 30th, 2003
This is a little out of date, but here's an interesting quote from Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman concerning fan opinions of his craptacular show.

"You don't produce a television show by having a committee of fans dictate what you do. You have to do what you think is best. If the ratings slip, if one film is more popular than another, there are a lot of possible reasons other than a reaction to the content."

Fine, that's the way he feels about, that's great. Only thing left to say about it... Fuck him.

Hey, Bermie! If your show goes under this season... sorry, when your show goes under this season, don't go out crying to me or the committee of fans because it sucked fucking balls. Don't blame us for not being able to make the show better instead of the redundant, regurgitated crap you're trying to pass off as a Star Trek show. What we think matters. What you think is irrelevant. You're an imperfect specimen. The fans and myself... well, we're the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is... aw, shit. The stuff you've been putting out as of late has been so craptacular even the Borg have lost the edge... thanks a lot, you fucking moron.

That goes for you too, Brag-On.

Is it any coincidence whatsoever that most of the current crop from my favorites entertainment franchises (Trek, Rangers, Wrestling) is sucking pretty badly? I've seemed to have noticed that too.

Today's Lookback #1
Dear Mr. Berman,

Hey, it's me again. Just wanted to let you know that your show has improved ever so slightly, but there is still no doubt in my mind that you will fuck this show up just as you did Voyager. Then again, from my standpoint, Voyager never had much of a chance to begin with. Otherwise, you wouldn't have signed Jeri Ryan.

Yours truly,
The Bitemaster, DTM

I haven't seen Ninja Storm's finale and I hope to be able to catch the repeat. The show didn't do much for me this year, and almost caved my interest in new Ranger material altogether. Dino Thunder, the next Power Rangers show, looks promising, but you can't judge a show by its promos. Will this show be good? Only God, Disney, and Tommy Oliver knows for sure.

(The supposed hard-on for Doctor O wore off rather quickly.)

Original Comment #2: April 28th 2003
I've only managed to catch the final two matches of Backlash last night and would like to comment on the WWE's portrayal of Bill Goldberg... it sucks ass. What the fuck is going on here? Goldberg selling an injury? Goldberg selling Rocky's puny offensive moves. This is absolutely putrid. They've managed to take a guy who has been mystified by WCW, the one guy that WWE has to rely on for the next several months, and turn him into another jaded wrestler within a month's time. The only acceptable course of action would be to have Goldberg mow through every piece of shit wrestler in the company and hold the World title for five years... this is ridiculous.

Today's Comment
Since Goldberg's "anticipated" debut in WWE, he has seen very little ring time and of all the times Goldberg has been in the ring, he was portrayed as... any other wrestler. Sure, he's won a World Title, but his meager three-month reign should have been longer. I'll be the first to admit that I never bought into the Goldberg mystique, which seemed to be nothing more than overrated garbage over a wrestler with limited talent or interest. For every match Goldberg had lost, I feel overjoyed that he actually did the job. However, Goldberg was the only guy who could have brought credibility to a world title that didn't have much of it to begin with and now that opportunity has been killed off. Evolution (HHH's new clique) holding every title is attempt to re-create Horsemen '88, but it's not the same thing and in the end, history will see this as nothing more than a political move.

(Regardless of your feelings on Goldberg, you have to admit that Goldberg's WWE run has been anything but inspired. For all of the dumb things WCW has done in its existence, the one thing they did right was book Goldberg to be an unstoppable monster; never mind that his star would soon fade just as quickly as WCW did. And if WWE had done the same thing, they would've managed to recreate that lightning in a bottle. Perhaps it was because of that reason of Goldberg being a bonafide WCW superstar that he got the shitty booking that he did and that his tenure in WWE was a short one.)

The only pure-WCW wrestler who has yet to be infected with Vince McMahon's virus is the man they call Sting... sorry, Junior. But Steve Borden isn't interested in the sports crapperment product you're currently presenting.

(My feelings on Sting possibly affiliating himself with WWE is that it's going to happen sooner or later. To those who still believe that Sting is the one man Vince McMahon's money can't buy off are delusional, because if Dixie Carter could buy him off and keep him around for many years, it'd only be a matter of time before Vinnie-Mac gets his mitts on the Icon, whether it'd be under a Legends deal (more than likely) or as a part-time wrestler to give folks that Undertaker-Sting match they've been clamoring for. And with Sting no longer affiliated with TNA, it's no longer a matter of "if" he signs, but rather "when" he signs.)

Original Comment #3 - Various
Arc of Immortality. Plague. Now you can add The Eighth Coin to the list.

In many Bite commentaries, you'll hear me boost of various fanfictions I'd say I'd work on, but in the end, nothing would come of it. I guess you'd figure it to forgetfulness, lack of interest, or the other (and somewhat accurate) reason: laziness. Here's my thoughts on each "phantom fanfic" and what happened.

Arc of Immortality: When I announced it, I thought it would be a decent idea. Then I look back and say, "What the fuck was I thinking?" I think it was easier to get excited when sharing it with everyone than it is to actually sit down and think of it.

(I absolutely recall nothing about this project... all I know about Arc of Immortality is that it's the title of a Doctor Who story.)

Plague: Believe it or not, Plague was prepped for posting. I think at one point I even had a small preview up, but the whole thing was one giant clusterfuck that didn't make me want to care about it. Besides, while thinking up ideas for Plague, I started on The Weapon, and left the plague behind like an afterthought.

(Plague was eventually finished and posted. You can even read it on this blog.)

Eighth Coin: This story is a little different. Eighth Coin was going to be the other story before doing Evilution. Because of the little setbacks (i.e. Dragon), I had to push this in the back burner and thus Evilution has to be delayed (aside from the fact I had to rewrite it again makes it a constant headache). Will it see the light of day? Who knows?

(The Eighth Coin was eventually finished and posted... which reminds me, I still have to finish posting the final edit.)

One of my New Year's Resolutions (i.e. promises made to be broken in the New Year) is to no longer boast about such things, because anything that comes out of my mouth will obviously not come to fruition. (Yeah, that definitely sounds like a broken promise.) However, if I do mention something concerning a future project, I'll try and stick with it. Bear in mind: it's easier to say you'll do something than it is to actually do it.

That's it for the lookback. Here's hoping 2004 will bring more stupidities to put here.

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