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1745 - Classic Bite Commentary: November 23rd, 2003

It's been a while since I last posted an old Bite commentary and did some updated thoughts and things, so here's one picked out completely at random. Once again, updated comments and present day reflections are in bold.

 Sorry for not writing soon, folks, but I've been a little worn out the past couple of weeks. It happens and I'm not making any excuses. As a result, I hadn't had time to do most of the stuff I was hoping to get up by now. (This seemed to be a recurring trend during this time in my life.) As you may have noticed, the majority part of the site is down. Only the fanfiction and this commentary is up. This, of course, usually indicates that the site is undergoing a refit (that or a shutdown, but in this case, it's a minor refit). This shouldn't take me long, as I have been working on the majority part of my time.

(Unfortunately, the DTM Webstation website was more often than not in a state of shutdown as I tinkered around with Frontpage and Photoshop, fiddling around with web designs that seemed cool at the time, but would look rather ghastly today.)

So all the announced projects have been sidetracked, due to the dedication of renovating this site (that and my creative juices hasn't flowed much these days). However, any and all updates planned will be up (slowly) by the end of the year (2003 or 2004? Who knows?).

(Who knows indeed? I had lots of planned projects and only a few of them came to fruition... doesn't that sound familiar?)

By the way, do you like the Sailor Moon gif at the opening page? It's a quick fix that took me five minutes to put together... and I mean that quite literally.

(I assume I was talking about a two-frame Laughing Minako GIF that would see the rest of its days on the Webstation update page... don't remember if I still have THAT laying around somewhere, but it's due for a comeback of sorts.)

Anyway, I want to start off by congratulating the fools of Rangerboard for spawning Rangerbase.Com. This site is generally touted as a news source relating to Power Rangers, but like those that have gone before, it doesn't provide anything of substance in terms of actual news, unless it relates to actor sightings or misinformation. And its columns are nothing of note. It has a pretty extensive image archive, so that's about the only strong point it has right now. Still, I'm not going to judge it as a failure, because I believe Rangerbase has a chance to be a big thing and not be another Power Rangers Online. It just has to do more and try harder.

Of course, just the fact that it's run by some of the egomaniacs at Rangerboard gives me second thoughts about the whole deal. If anyone has been to this board regularly, you'd know what I mean.

(Funny that I'd have strong feelings about Rangerboard at the time considering I just lurk there. Don't even have an account there because I apparently do not have a valid e-mail address or something. Times change, I suppose, when you have actual Ranger talent show up every now and then to say hi.)

I understand that Ninja Storm's finale had just aired. Unfortunately, I have not known about it and thus was not able to catch it. Too bad. Then again, the series wasn't that great to begin with. So it's no real loss. Speaking of Rangers, our good buddy Tommy the Green/White/Red Ranger is making a comeback in DINO THUNDA! Um okay.

(Ninja Storm took me a while to get into, but it's fairly passable fare for the most part. Not a great dose of Power Rangers, but nothing terrible, either. Especially when compared to what would come later... I did enjoy Dino Thunder a bit more, however... even with glory-hog Tommy and his seemingly dubious doctorate.)

I picked up Celebrity Deathmatch for PS1. Despite the limited number of celebrities and the fact you can't put together your own guy, it's a pretty good game concerning it's a cheap one. Of course, if you have a higher-end game console such as PS2, you'd probably be best suited to get one of those.

(Or, you know, you could get a better game for either system. But it's funny how you remember things differently. Back then, I seemed to like the game well enough, but now? Well...)

Let's go on to other things;

Let's talk Survivor Series for a moment.

The Pay-Per-View... in all honesty, this month's offering could have been better, but you know what? It was an okay pay-per-view that featured one more shining moment in the storied career of Shawn Michaels, as he managed to put out an outstanding performance in the 10-man Elimination bout featuring nine other guys that really don't matter (and I mean that, brutha) at this point. Sure, the guy lost and Austin got the boot, but HBK busted his ass out there and turned what would have been a potential shitfest into one of the better matches I have seen in recent months. The guy worked a miracle despite being past his prime and I applaud him.

Given the lack of big names in the coming days though, this is WWE's opportunity to give the younger guys a chance to shine; a chance to prove that they can be major draws. Let's face it; Austin's not coming back to a wrestling capacity anytime soon, Rock's likely not coming back, Taker has to sell his Buried Alive schitck, Triple H is useless (and I mean USELESS - because a healthy HHH didn't help matters much and a crippled, bloated HHH isn't gonna do the job either), Ric Flair hardly wrestles, and guys like Shawn Michaels and Bill Goldberg (who isn't that great of a wrestler to begin with) aren't going to be around forever.

This past week's RAW... while Austin's presence makes it a little lacking in atmosphere, the show does offer a good solid string of wrestling. Nothing great or anything, but it's better than having the show consist of more than 75% of interviews that basically go nowhere. Time that was spent on Austin's agonizing urges to convince someone to hit can now be used to build a stronger starbase. Yes, Austin was mildly amusing and did make RAW enjoyable, but in the long run, it means nothing because the guy can't wrestle. Let's see what happens from here now.

The time has come to prove your worth, McMahon. Don't fuck it up... again.

(Nice to know ten years later, not much has changed. Isn't that right, Paulie?)


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