Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Iron Sheik. Mighty M.

Match - Iron Sheik vs The Mighty Maccabee (1997) by crisisded

(2018 Update: Video set to PRIVATE until further notice. Sorry.)

From the Grand Masters Of Wrestling DVD, former WWF Champion The Iron Sheik faces off against The Mighty Maccabee in a high school gym.

The match was uploaded to YouTube by user onetwosixx in four parts and this is the whole match in one video, including the pre-match promo from Iron Sheik. The quality is not fantastic, but it's an interesting little find.

On a sidenote, this video is age-restricted by Dailymotion for some reason. I guess the second penis forming out of Sheiky Baby's belly button is too much for Dailymotion's standards.

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