Sunday, September 1, 2013

VLOG - Labels And Hordes Of Shadow...

The above video is just a formality for the Dailymotion folks, but I feel it does convey the backstory somewhat... or something. Here's the deal with all these names...

- The YouTube account changed its name from crisisded to DTM's Realm Of Stuff. If at all possible, I might actually go ahead and redub it back to The Twisted Realm Of DTM somewhere down the line to keep it consistent with the blog and all that stuff. Despite this, links still use the old crisisded name.

- The Dailymotion account is still referred to as Crisisded, but any videos upload from thereon will use the DTM's Realm Of Stuff signature or even the Twisted Realm Of DTM signature (currently in the works).

- Despite the name changes on other parts, the blog is still called The Twisted Realm Of DTM. That has not changed in the slightest.

Hopefully, that covers it.

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