Monday, July 1, 2013

1477 - Meh...

I tried watching the new AVGN and shut it off after five minutes because it was just... embarrassing.

To alleviate the pain, I loaded up an episode of NC17Productions and got a couple chuckles. Funny how a second-rate knockoff angry reviewer would get me to chuckle at some stupidity he does and yet someone of a much higher stature just makes me shake his head when he tries to do this.

For those who don't know, NC17Productions was the former gimmick of current Dudemeister Kenny who was essentially second-rate angry reviewer that people (myself included) liked to pick apart due to the poor quality content. Whereas Rolfe has some practical filmmaking dibs under his belt and has done some quality amateur flicks, Kenny's just some guy who goofs around with a camera and tried to jump on the caustic reviewer wagon before wisely ditching it in favor of the Let's Play rambling path thing.

You know what the sad thing is? Every single third-rate to fifth-rate caustic reviewer wannabe who does stupid shit on their videos ends up getting shit on, but when Uncle Jimmy does it, it seems to be a-okay because it's Jimmy doing the stupidity and thus, it's automatically funny.

But you wanna know the really sad thing? I saw the same review by OneUpGamer of Back To The 'Futer' fame and enjoyed his little review a little more than Jimmy's. Even Gamedude did a better review and kept it short.

That was a totally necessary and worthwhile post.

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