Saturday, May 25, 2013

1418 - Some Minor Blog Updates And Details...

Some quick fixes made here and there...

- Added direct links to the Power Rangers: Breakdown fanfic that was posted last year onto the Fanfiction index page. It took a year to get direct links onto the page, but there you go. If everything goes according to plan, then I should start re-posting the follow-up Zero Hour story in the coming weeks.

- Since we are discussing the Fanfiction index page, I also took the liberty of adding much needed descriptions to the various entries so that people will have some idea as to what these things are supposed to be about.

- Regarding the fanfic stuff itself... my priority is shooting out 10th Anniversary Re-Edits of both the Power Rangers Vs. Street Fighter parody fic and the Power Rangers: Beginnings one-shot. The Re-Edits are nothing too major; some minor edits and additions here and there. In regards to Beginnings, I actually got around to getting the thing overhauled to a point and so it might be a new interpretation of the same story. I know I still have a fic hanging in terms of reposts and I still have a couple more to "archive" here, but my priority in that regard are the one-shots.

That about does it...

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