Monday, February 4, 2013

1237 - Juan Cena And Other Updates...

Been having some issues trying to upload the second volume of Juan Cena on Dailymotion... more due to 'net problems on my end, but I'll try to get this thing up before the weekend is up... I'm praying.

While I'm on the subject, I should probably let some folks know that I'm currently in the process of compiling a brief package on the remainder of the series. Mostly showing what little footage I have remaining of the attempted 2012 revival that I was working on before fucking off to do other things.

Anyone interested in a Rock vs. Tom Dotterer match in cheap-o WWE '13 vision? The liquor store owner needs his revenge on Dwayne for ruining his week!

Speaking of which, next seven reviews will be on various wrestling games. Most are WWF, but there's also a couple different ones in there too. Not sure if this is going to be spread out or a week-long thing. We'll see.

More PPV musings coming soon, I suppose.

That's it. Later.

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