Sunday, January 27, 2013

1229 - High And Mighty Updates...

Couple minor tweaks to the blog that you might not care about, but they're there;

- Updated the fanfiction page to link to the stuff that's been added. This includes the remainder of The Will To Live, as well as the first six chapters of The Eighth Coin. I've also linked the SvR2011 storyline, Rey Ate My Balls, on the page... and yes, Revenge Of Juan Cena can be accessed there too... or rather, the newer Archive Edition videos will be linked from the page as they are uploaded... which will probably be a weekly basis.

- It's been there awhile, but for those who don't know, I've added a "Video Special Archive" on the tabs. This is where you can easily find the NES Comparison Video, 1000th Blog Post Special, and other similar things. Since I'm going to be doing these Dailymotion specials on a regular basis (every couple months or so), I need a page to archive these things. So there we go.

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