Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1222 - Grumble Grumble #?? - I have horrible taste in games

Someone did a video of overrated games. Number One on their list is Tetris. I leave a comment and someone replied... Click for full size comments...

Yes, I'm such a horrible judge of good, quality, fun games.

That's probably why I prefer a good old school Dragon Warrior (not Quest) game than whatever new game in the Elder Scrolls series that's available right now. That's also might be why I prefer a good old school Star Wars: Battlefront II game than a Team Fortress 2 game. And that's probably why games like Joust, Demon Attack or Xevious held my interest for far longer than any Metal Gear game ever made.

Yes, I do, indeed, have horrible taste.

And thank fuck for that.

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