Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1204 - Some disturbing stats

Some disturbing figures regarding the frequency of blog posts made in the past couple years.

I began the blog September 15, 2009. And from that day to the end of the year, I had made roughly 28 blog posts.

In 2010, I had made a total of 221 blog posts.

In 2011, I had made a total of 401 blog posts.

In 2012, I had made a total of 549 blog posts.

All of that adds up to 1199. Plus the five posts made thus far this year (this one included) brings the total up to 1204. Yeah, barely a day into 2013 and I've already managed FIVE POSTS.

And this thing is in its fourth year of operation.

As an interesting bit of trivia, the original DTM Blog that is currently (still) residing in the old Tripod space has been "blessed" with a total of 1244 blog posts. That blog started in 2004 and ended regular updating in roughly 2010, with sporatic book closings afterwards.


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