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1121 - Classic Bite Commentary: October 31st, 2009

(2018 Update: Replacing an old post with an old Bite commentary. To my knowledge, this is the last Bite commentary that I did before I eventually started posting them onto this blog when it began back in the day. Sooner or later, I'll update the documents page with the new links. Until then, enjoy... or try to.)

Decided to wait until Halloween to put this up... welcome to another wonderful edition of the Bite, where I just ramble in text form. Until recently, I was going to start up by posting a new video llog (so you can HEAR me ramble about random shit rather than READ my ramblings), but things didn't go ahead as planned and so things will have to wait until I'm good and ready.

A couple things to point out:

I've teased it on my DTM Blog Classic and linked to the site, but outside of a very casual "Fuck you, TNA" comment, I haven't really shared my thoughts on the matter. And now that a couple days have passed since said comment has been posted, I should bare my feelings.

As you are probably already well aware, TNA Wrestling has signed Hulk Hogan... there, I just said everything you need to know. Next...

Obviously, you are also aware of the massive press this signing has gotten... and you know what? Despite my overreaction (or underreaction) to the news initial, I've come to realize that this might be a good thing for TNA. Getting a big-name WWE guy like Kurt Angle or Mick Foley hasn't done much to change the fortunes of TNA. Getting a hybrid pro-wrestler/MMA guy like Bobby Lashley created initial buzz that has since fizzled. But getting one of the biggest names in professional wrestling? That could actually have a profound effect on TNA's fortunes.

And make no mistake - despite anybody's feelings on the man or performer, Hulk Hogan IS one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, name in professional wrestling. He personified professional wrestling for a good long fucking time. He still has a good grip on the media despite being at a point of irrelevancy.

This isn't the first time TNA has tried to court Hulk Hogan either - some wrestling fans will recall an angle that happened some five or six years ago when Jeff Jarrett attacked Hogan while the latter was in a press conference in Japan. It was supposed to lead to some big angle where Hogan gets revenge, but it never followed through. Now that Hogan and TNA have married each other, it will be interesting to see whether Hogan adds to the promotion's fortunes or manipulates people around him to benefit himself rather than the company that signed him.

Most probably, it's going to be the latter.

Now much like any former WWE star who gets involved with TNA, WWE gets a hissy fit and takes down their profile from the Alumni section of their website. But apparently, there's an additional issue - as WWE also has a Hulk Hogan DVD set due to be released in a couple weeks time. This puts them in a very precarious situation, as they don't want to promote a star who is working with their "non-competition" TNA, but they also have this DVD set that is set to be released and dumping that would no doubt cost the company quite a bit of cash.

I'd say release the DVD regardless, but don't promote it as much. If anything, WWE will have something sell like hotcakes and they get to keep most of the monies made. So whatever...

In slightly more happier times, I saw a couple videos on YouTube regarding the upcoming Castlevania Rebirth title for WiiWare. I know someone posted the game in its entirety, but I didn't see that yet - not wanting to spoil myself and all, but from what I saw, it seems like a fairly enjoyable romp that harkens back to old-school Castlevania and that's already good enough for me. I certainly can't wait to check it out.

Couple quick updates:

- I've decided to delay the website another month. It was supposed to be up this week, but then I tinkered with a new layout and so months of work down the drain... Actually, getting stuff to work with the new layout isn't going to take long It's a matter of making sure everything DOES work... and trust me when I say that when the site goes live, every link you click on is going to fucking work. That's always been the constant with most of these upgrades: something has a broken link somewhere. Not going to be the case here, I promise you that.

- Review output has been slow as of late. I'm presently getting some final touches on a couple games and stuff, but hopefully there will be a steady stream of reviews in the coming months. I'm also working on the back catalogue so that I can post at least one review a week, either on the Blogs, site, or GameFAQs.

So that's about it for now. Until next time...


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