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1069 - Classic Bite Commentary: February 29th, 2008

(2016 Update: Replacing an old slot with a classic commentary from 2008... and wouldn't you know it? It's a leap year commentary being reposted on a leap year! AMAZING!)

It's a leap year. It's the 29th. It's just another day at the office. But hopefully by the time you read this, the Webstation is back in operation. So yeah, I've waited a whole month to post this commentary today - a commentary that is mostly filled with blog reposts that's to my vain efforts to get to 800 before the month is over... which is a miserable failure. Although to tell the truth, most of the stuff posted was supposed to make their way here first - but then again, most of this stuff is probably outdated anyway. Oh well. Let's get on with it.

So it was determined that what caused Heath Ledger's death was an "accidental" overdose of prescription drugs. For those who don't know, the actor was found dead with some pills spilt over the floor. Someone please explain to me what an "accidental" overdose is exactly. It's not exactly rocket science, but please enlighten me. I don't know about you, but whenever you hear the words overdose and drug abuse, accidental doesn't figure into any of it.

Now it seems that idea might be disconcerting to some people, so let me quell those feelings. It is possible to overdose something by accident or swallow something that shouldn't be swallowed, but if that were the case, chances are you would call your poison control center or whoever was responsible. If someone does overdose and doesn't make the call, it's not an accident. As for drug abuse, that's not an accident either. You're not doing it because it's an accident; you're doing it because it's a high. I may not know much on the subject, but it doesn't change the fact that to call it "accidental drug abuse" is wrong and is only done to protect the man.

Drug abuse is something that is hard to kick. Any hard habit is, whether it be abuse, smoking, or even binge feasting. The most difficult aspect of this is trying to kick the habit and replace with something more healthy, but equally pleasing. But it's a painful process that is also compounded by the amount of stress that is brought about by many variables. You know what? I get it. But to call it an accidental drug abuse is ridiculous. The accident isn't the overdose, it's the fact that the guy didn't make the call.

Whatever. Another loss to drugs. Let's move on to something a little less depressing.

For a cool ten grand (or best offer), you can get an actual ring-used WWF World title belt. Unfortunately, it's been banged up and is all destroyed, but it's a pretty historic piece because it's the one that was wrecked by Mr. Perfect with a hammer during his feud with Hulk Hogan way back in the day. So as it turns out, the belt was NOT used as the later Hardcore championship, but was privately bought off and later someone else (the guy running the auction) bought it off an estate. Clearly, for anyone who has the cash and enjoys owning a piece of actual history, this auction is for them. (The auction, of course, is long since ended by the time this was reposted on the blog.)

Now if only someone would do that to the spinner belt that's being used today, then I'll be happy.

Smackdown is posed to leave the CW at the end of the season. It's seems rather sad that they chose to end the relationship rather than renew it. Now the real challenge is finding another suitable home (i.e. another sucker paying for subpar programming). Not that I have any say, but let's bag Smackdown and focus on ECW. That way, we can really have competition within themselves.

(Smackdown eventually moved to SyFy and became a second tier citizen. As of this reposting, Smackdown will make its debut on the USA Network with a "retooling" that includes hiring noted MMA and wrestling announcer Mauro Ranallo.)

So I'm watching the Warrior DVD that WWE put out (because I have nothing better to do and since it has the Warrior on it, it's bound to be a classic for a variety of reasons) and I'm at the part where they're talking about his third WWF stint. During this section, they show a poster of a house show in July which they advertise a Warrior vs. Vader main event. Funny thing is that they bill it as a WWF title match and Warrior's the champ. And you know it's kinda funny because last I recall, Shawn Michaels was the WWF champion. Man, it's one thing to rewrite history or depict past events in a certain light, but to go out and outright alter an event poster (and doing a piss poor job of it) so they could claim he missed that show among others? Wow. Just sad, really. Nothing better to do, do you, guys?

Speaking of having nothing better to do... has a story on Maria "making a decision of a lifetime," which of course means her appearance in Playboy magazine, joining the elite few of wrestling whores who have graced the fine institution that is Playboy with their appearance. Here's an actual quote from the article:

"This was a hard decision," Maria explained. "It isn't like doing a photo shoot for WWE Magazine where I have all my clothes on. This is me completely in the flesh."

I'm sure a lot of fanboys will be happy that another WWE Diva will be baring it all. For me on the other hand, I could care less, because if I want to see boobies... well, there's always the Internet. Or I'll go to a sex show or something. Nah, I'll stick with the Internet.

(Yeah, remember when WWE used to parade their Divas in Playboy magazine of all things? I'm pretty sure they don't.)

Ric Flair's being inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. Good for him - he deserves the honor. Of course, on that same weekend, he's wrestling what's being rumored to be his last match and there has some speculation as to who will have the honors. One man suggests that Hulk Hogan wrestles Flair. I'll give you one good guess as to who that man is. (Shawn Michaels, and it's a damn fine match to go out on... but you know Limp Ric...)

Does Mania need a real marquee match? Yes, they do. Edge/Undertaker might have potential if they build it right, but I'm none too excited about seeing yet another triple-threat title match at Wrestlemania, nor am I excited about the IC belt not being defended. So yes, a really attractive match is needed.

Having said that, Hogan vs. Flair is not that match. Last time I saw Hogan wrestle, I thought the whole show had gone into slow motion. It was absolutely atrocious. There was one opportunity to have a Hogan/Flair Wrestlemania match and that was back in Wrestlemania VIII, months after Ric Flair appeared. For some reason, for whatever reason that I cannot fathom, Vince didn't pursue that.

So Hogan wants that match now? No thanks, man. Not interested. Hopefully, Vince is thinking the same way.

Speaking of inductees, the Rock will return to WWE... to induct both his father Rocky Johnson and his late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia. Do you smell what that is? That's a desperate attempt by WWE to get people to care about this year's HOF. (Just like the desperate attempt by WWE to try and fill Dallas Stadium for Wrestlemania 32.) Well, if ol' Dwayne can pull out a classic Rock promo, I'm sold... although his one promo last year shows he's still got it.

For some strange reason that I have yet to understand, I've recently purchased a Sony PSP. For anyone wondering, it's the Star Wars version that comes with the latest Battlefront game. Of course, I have since purchased several more games, such as Dracula X Chronicles, Mega Man, and a couple retro packs. So far, I don't have a bad thing to say about the PSP. The 'Vania game is fun and has lots of little things to keep me busy and the Mega Man game is a fairly good remake of the original classic... that and it has a level builder which never fails to keep me entertained in building seemingly impossible levels. As for the retro packs, not bad. All in all, a favorable impression on the PSP. Now if only I can find some decent games for the bloody thing... (which I eventually did, much to my own surprise.)

Apparently, there's this debate going on regarding the Angry Nerd and the Irate Gamer. Just mentioning the two together should give you an idea of what I'm talking about. If you have no clue what's going on, here's a little biased refresher. Now some of you will agree that Irate's a poser, others will defend the guy, but hopefully there's a contingent of you who will look at this scenario and ask "Who gives a shitload of fuck?" Having seen all of their reviews, my opinion on the matter is pretty much that. Each has his own strengths and weaknesses, but other than that, who gives a shit? There have been plenty of rip-offs in history and all of them have had some level of success because people will buy into that stuff.

According to, THQ is promising that the non-existing SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 video game will feature it's largest Superstar & Divas roster ever. They're also saying the game will feature a "groundbreaking new feature." One would hope that the groundbreaking new feature would be a new commentary track that's fresh and new instead of the ones that has been recycled for fifty-thousand games.

According to someone over at Rangerboard, former PR actor David Yost, best known for his portrayal of nerdy Billy the Blue Boy Ranger, is returning to Hollywood. While there's no source for this information (because the poster decided not to reveal it), there is a recent picture of him posted, which features Mr. Yost making contorted faces and looking like an idiot. Hey, Dave. If Hollywood doesn't work to your liking, you'll be a great fit in WWE. Only need a few more 'roids. (Hey, now. No need to be rude to Yost. He's a cool cat. You can, however, be rude to Jason Frank. The douchebag kinda deserves it.)

Okay, enough of the reposts. I'm outta here.

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