Sunday, September 23, 2012

1064 - So what's been happening with rasslin'? SEVEN POINTS worth mentioning in my mind.

Seven quick points regarding the "sports-entertainment" thing that came to mind;

  1. CM Punk is still WWE Champion... most likely jobbing to Cena at the next PPV so they can have that Cena/Rock II match for the title at the Rumble. Because they tried to swerve people into thinking that Cena has no chance after that draw finish at the last PPV, but their booking of Cena is so damned predictable that it only becomes a matter of delaying the inevitable each they push back the eventual Cena win.
  2. CM Punk's reasoning behind his not getting respect makes sense. He's the champion and yet he plays second fiddle to the pandering idiot. Anything Cena says is bullshit.
  3. Trying to sit through a three-hour RAW is a damn near chore. There are times where I am thankful that Canada is an hour delay on RAW airings; that way, I can spoil myself and see if there's anything worth while on the program. In fact, outside of the 1000th RAW episode, I have yet to sit through an entire three-hour RAW because they do nothing to keep me hooked.
  4. I still honestly don't care about the Divas division... Hey, apparently, I didn't care about the division ten years ago when there were competent and even GOOD workers such as Trish, Molly, and Lita. So why the fuck would care about the division now that it's full of interchangeable Barbie dolls that all look the same? Thank god Beth Phoenix is on her way out so that she can move on to bigger and better things and not let her talent be held back by the limited vision and incomptence of a creative team that knows fuck all on how to use her.
  5. Jeff Hardy getting a title shot at Bound For Glory? Not a good idea... oh sure, he's kept himself clean so far, but how do you know he won't regress back to his old ways once on top? Apparently, his contract is about to expire and TNA is desperate to keep him. Make him happy if you want, but not at the expense of your World Champion who is actually a breath of fresh air and the kind of talent you want to PUSH on your television show, not former or failed WWE experiments. TNA has such a good thing going right now, I just hate for them to kill it by doing something stupid just to make some guy happy; especially when he's responsible for one of the company's biggest embarrassments last year.
  6. Perfect segue there, but let me shoot it out there. TNA has a really good thing going here, as they are putting out riveting, entertaining, and highly well produced wrestling product with their live Impact Wrestling shows. The wrestling is top-notch, the angles and storylines are actually compelling and involving, the backstage segments are done in a way that it feels genuine and not fabricated, and perhaps most importantly, the live crowd feels, well, live and bored out of their minds. It's probably for this reason why I think they should stick with the live show on a permanent basis, because it does make a world of difference in how the show is presented and quite honestly, TNA is doing a much better job of putting together a live show where anything could happen than WWE is. Mind you, I don't think TNA is going to be a threat to Vince anytime soon and that's okay. They needn't worry about that. Just keep doing what you're doing, don't do anything stupid, and you'll be fine.
  7. I feel bad for the people who went to the WWE house show in Sarnia, Ontario... Taken verbatim from an undisclosed wrestling newz site, Ryback’s match against Jinder Mahal at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Sarnia, Ontario resulted in a no contest after Ryback suffered a serious cut approximately two minutes into the bout. The match was stopped by a doctor’s orders. Fail.
That's all I got... later.

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