Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1060 - Heard About Lawler...

For those who haven't heard, Jerry Lawler collapsed last night during a WWE RAW broadcast - possibly due to a heart attack - and is treated at a Montreal hospital. Last thing I heard was that he's stable but was still being worked on. That has to be a really scary call.

Some could say that the main event interview was handled well given what happened, but give credit to Michael Cole where it's due... it's very easy to mock the guy for what some may perceive as his lack of ability in the announcing booth, but the man has professionalism; managing to keep his cool during commentary just as his partner collapsed right beside him. Even when he was visibly shaken by what happened, he still managed to get the job done and let everyone know what was going on.

There have been people comparing last night to Over The Edge '99, the show where Owen Hart died. It's not the same thing, because this is a horrible stroke of nature that took place, not an accident caused by an ill-advised stunt gone wrong. There was uncertainty in Lawler's collapse, not a sudden realization that someone died on a show.

All the best, King. Here's hoping you pull out of this one.

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