Wednesday, July 11, 2012

984 - Disgusting Behavior Unsurprising From Mike Matei

This was posted on Mike Matei's Facebook page before being quickly removed as a result of a backlash. The fact that he would openly instigate the kind of stupidity and then shy away from it without a trace is downright disgusting. The fact that this cancer is allowed to coast on an Internet personality's popularity and spread this filth is deplorable.

All of a sudden, I have more respect for the Irate Gamer than I do this piece of shit.

Fuck this guy.

Ah, but what does it matter anyway? It doesn't. After all, Mike Matei doesn't care what you think. He said so himself.


  1. Ah, good ol' Mikey. A piss ant if there ever was one. Good to know he's living up to the Irate Gamer 2.0 moniker I gave him ages ago. That shameless twat makes Chris Bores look like a saint.


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