Tuesday, July 10, 2012

980 - Yeah... About that...

So, as you could probably tell, there hasn't been much in terms of worthwhile RAW overviews these past few weeks; any post with the RAW Bytes tag is pretty much a quick blurb or two. Not much more than that...

I'll be quite honest with you here. At this point in time, WWE is becoming quite a bore and I haven't made much of an effort to catch it whenever I can. There used to be a time when I would attempt to catch it either by setting a timer on my recording device and waste VHS tapes or DVD-Rs on the thing, because despite the low points, I still enjoyed watching the product and following the product.

This year... not so much.

The really sad thing about this? Last year, there was excitement in the air. With the CM Punk worked shoot promo, things were really looking up. Could this be the chance for WWE to be relevant again? Could this be the first shot in making the product interesting?

Funny how that turned out.

A year later, CM Punk is WWE Heavyweight Champion and feuding with Daniel Bryan Danielson in what should have been a main event feud of two guys fighting over the championship and the right to truly be "the best in the world," but instead it's all about a chick that is easy on the eyes and almost likable to a point, but is ultimately nothing more than a distraction and a turn-off to a feud that I was so looking forward to. Not only that, but Punk isn't even allowed to main event the shows, playing second fiddle to the good ol' boys of Johnny C, Single H, and the usual gang of numbskulls that formulate WWE's glass ceiling.

Meanwhile, a couple days and a few channels over, TNA is slowly but surely evolving into a more refined and watchable product. Not only that, but it's actually getting to be really, really good, with exciting matches, good feuds, minimal bullshit, and perhaps most importantly, potential new stars being made in the process. Think about this; the last three consecutive guys to hold TNA's World title - James Storm, Booby Roode, and now Austin Aries - are all first time World champions. When was the last time something like that happened in WWE, if something like that happened at all?

So yeah... the WWE product is turning me off slowly but surely. Something I thought would take a miracle to happen, but that's exactly what's happening. Maybe I'll stick with the DVDs I got - sometimes even pick the occasional set of classic matches or even nab a couple old VHS tapes. And maybe I'll give TNA a fair shake or two one of these days.

But as far as Vince goes?

Nothing at the moment.


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