Tuesday, July 3, 2012

969 - No Self High Five? Feel. Da. FAIL!

Only a couple points... and ONLY a couple points because last night's show didn't warrant much thought;

- Why in the blue hell did you bring back DDP (mostly a WCW legend) and have him come out to his crappy WWE music? Could you imagine the kind of reception he could have gotten had he come out to his "Self High Five" fake Nirvana theme? That would have been a popping moment. But no, you had to use the shitty music your composer pulled out of his ass at three in the morning... Good fucking lord.

- Fuck me... John Cena's in that fucking match? God dammit.

- This AJ thing is giving me a headache. Yeah, let's ruin a potentially good match with stupid chick shenanigans. Fucking hell.

Yeah, this show was largely forgettable. And they want to add another hour of this crap? Fuck me.

I miss WCW... even WCW 2000 is better than this shit...

On second thought... no. No, it's not.

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